11 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Dream to meet Mrs. RASHMI BANSAL turned TRUE !!!

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I am standing with Mrs Rashmi Bansal herself.
        I want to be a writer. Everyone knows about this. As a Blogger, I like to interact with other bloggers and people who are interested in writing. I always wait for Chetan Bhagat's reply to me. I don't know why doesn't he reply to me. Once I saw that a blogger wrote a whole letter to him. She started with criticism and ended with the immense and hardcore criticism. I thought that Chetan Bhagat will be disheartened to read such a Blog post about him. But after sometime I saw the same blogger posting the reply she got from Chetan Bhagat on Twitter regarding the post. I was shocked. The person whom I consider as my Idol has no time to reply to my number of tweets in 140 characters while he has time to reply to the girl who is criticizing him in public and raising the questions on his credentials. After this I stopped asking Chetan sir to reply to my tweets and read my blogs. But I always had a dream to talk to him as he is known as the biggest author of India in spite of his failures. 

           But as I dug little more into novels, I came to know about the capabilities and awesomeness of other writers too. No one is less than Chetan Bhagat. Chetan Bhagat had got the hype and extreme publicity because of which people are going gaga over him otherwise no writer is small. Everyone is big and bigger. Everyone has the ability to write and we shouldn't compare anyone with anyone. So my will and my quest to talk to authors didn't got ceased even after denial from Chetan Bhagat. I kept on trying and Yaa I got my dream come true. First, I started chatting with Mandar Kokate (Oh Shit Not Again), then I came into contact with Mrs. Varsha Dixit (Right Fit Wrong Shoe). She called me herself and we had talk for 20 minutes. She was very co-operative with me and I liked chatting with her. I got lots of self-confidence after talking to her. After this, Mr. Azhan Ahsan (Love, Lust and Life) came to my blog himself and added me on Facebook and now he is a good friend. After him, Author S.R.Saha came to my blog himself and now he is also a good friend. 

           But yesterday, one of the biggest dream got accomplished. I met the author - Mrs. Rashmi Bansal (Stay hungry Stay Foolish & Connect The Dots). This is the first time when I have met any author face to face. It was a quite bizarre experience which I'll never forget in my life. The day 10-10-10 really meant successful and special for me. She had a meet with the readers for her novel which is selling profusely - Connect The Dots. I got a good chance and I went to meet her without thinking twice. I have already read her Stay Hungry Stay Foolish which changed my life a lot. I got a positive side of living. I met her there. She was busy sharing her views about her book with the readers. It was little sad to see less people but this is the sour truth of Indians that they prefer movies more than books. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish has already sold more than 2,00,000 copies and still people didn't came up to meet the author herself who had written this book and changed many life. 

             The session started when the readers and the audience were given chance to speak to the author. I wanted to talk to her personally but I felt that she may leave early so this is the better chance to speak up right now rather than thinking about talking to her in future. I asked," Mam, I am a writer and a blogger myself. I have also published my article in DNA newspaper. I have many readers too. I am also appreciated by the authors. I am into freelancing writing. But the problem I am facing is that I am not getting a stability or a good view and security of my future as a writer because in a moment, I am made special as a writer and the very next moment, I am a normal blogger without any special applauds. I have also tried for your JAM magazine but didn't got any reply in back. Please tell me about how should I deal with this as I want to be a permanent writer in future." I was so nervous that my voice was trembling and dithering badly. 

            Rashmi mam replied back," Abhilash, I can't see the faith in you. your voice seems to be like you are crying. (I was shocked to hear this as I am the most confident boy of my class. I have participated on the stage for so many times. Actually I was choked because a writer was sitting infront of me and I had a dream to meet one but it wasn't good to say this in public.) Abhilash, when I was of your age, I published my first article in The Times Of India. Before this, I was rejected for 46 times by them. (She smiled). But I didn't lost faith. I kept trying and I got this. I would like to suggest you to continue with your good work and you will achieve your target in the future." 

             After this, I went to her after the talks and seminar was over. I met her personally. I got her autograph which said - Dear Abhilash, Best Wishes from me. Keep the Faith in yourself. Rashmi Bansal." I asked her about the design of her book and I also told her about my nervousness because of which my voice ditched me. ;-) . I asked her to allow me to touch her feet and give me blessings for being a successful writer in future. She denied me to touch her feet and she said that you are already a blessed boy, you don't need any blessings from anyone. But still I touched her feet as I didn't wanted this moment to miss. It was so energetic and so effective to touch the feet of a big writer like Mrs. Rashmi Bansal. I was emotional and palpable at that moment. I was just glaring at her and I was observing her attitude. She was so sweet and so calm. Nobody in the mall could have recognized that she is a big author and she is critically acclaimed in all over the world. I really loved meeting her. I asked her for a flick and she got agreed. I stood with her and a humble man took my snap with mam. She is looking so beautiful in the pic (You can see it above). There's a spark of positivism on her face. Fantastic !!! Hope she loved meeting me too. I wanted to ask her for her phone number so that I can call her whenever I am stuck. I also wanted to ask her for giving me a chance to be a writer in her JAM Magazine. Hope I'll meet her again and ask for this or may be she willl read this blog and think of giving me an opportunity. 

            Thank you mam for fulfilling my dream and being so kind to me. The 10 to 15 minutes of chat with you has really brightened my life. Thanks.

Your real and true fan,


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hamaarethoughts.com said...

nice ..I didnt know about this author..thanks for sharing ..

Writing Buddha said...

Oh I am surprised.. She is a good author... She encourages from the medium of her books.

Anangkr said...


I have heard a lot about her books,but never really got the chance to read her work.Reading your post,I feel the urge to read it.
It must have been really wonderful experience to meet such writer.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Anurag... it was the best feeling ever... and the best part is that ki she is very humble and u dont feel as u r talking to a published writer.. I liked talking to her... got very much motivated.. read her books... u will really climb lots of ladders of ur life in a short period..

rakesh said...

Yes.. She is a very good author. I read both books. They are very good. I changed my thinking after reading them. Hope you'll also become a good author in near future.

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Rakesh thanks for the comments.. U try to read THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI or go for the DISCOVER THE DIAMOND IN YOU by Arindam Chaudhary.. its just abt 60 pages book which will change ur lifestyle... I am sure about this.

and dude.. Ill become a good author only by d support of t he kind people like u... so plzz keep supporting me.

NM said...

hi Abhilash

i reached your blog while going through comments at Rashmi's blog. some connection this :-)
you are doing wonderfully in your chosen field. but it seems you are craving for recognition from others. don't worry my friend, it will follow. have some patience. after all, patience is a virtue.
whats most important is that you need to have faith and confidence in yourself. if you don't have faith & confidence in yourself, why will others be confident about you? but also remember that excess of anything is bad. :-)
i will look forward to your future posts. you have added one more reader today :-)
keep up the good work.

Ninad Mairal


Writing Buddha said...

Hello Ninad.. First of all Welcome to the ARB group. Good to see a new member and that too with a comment. My approach towards my writing has always been focused. I just want my writings to be reached to as many people as possible. I have also published my articles in newspaper just bcoz I wanted to spread my views amongst all the citizens. I have full confidence and trust in me. This is what has made this possible.. Today I have crossed 330 blogs +.. This can never happen withour trust and confidence.. I have seen people promoting their blog on my site.. So I came to know that this is the way I can make people know about my blogs..And therefore, I started making it possible for many strangers to read my views. Today I get good hits and I feel happy that Yaa... there are many strangers who are reading it.. Like I saw ur comment today.. Wow.. It was great to see that someone has read.. and u will have to publicize your product otherwise no one will get to know about it.. I hope u understood what Im trying to convey.. by the way, Ninad.. thanks a lot for youer comment.. and Ill see your blog too as I have found that even u have a blog...thanks a lot for the comment and keep reaading my blogs. thanks a lot.

Writing Buddha said...

THanks a lot Rohit.

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