17 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

That Beautiful Girl!!!

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       Happy Dussera To All !!!

       So the Navratri ends here. Its sad for the people who were enjoying Dandiya from last 9 days. Its good for the people who were trying to cope up with the noise pollution donated by these Durga Mandals. My society arranged a very beautiful and lovely mandal for the Navratri. I liked it a lot. Today, I went to see the young boys and girls of an another society who were engrossed in playing Dandiya on the tunes of some beautiful songs. While watching them, my eyes caught a girl who lives in that society. I don't know what is her name as she is new in that society but she is a South Indian. She looked so beautiful and so gorgeous that it was impossible for me to absorb my feelings and dont opine anywhere. My only friend - Abhinav lives in my society. As I got no one, I unbosomed my feeling to him. I messaged him - Abhinav, miss anything of the world today but don't miss this South Indian girl of the society. See her from anywhere, but plz do see her.

            I don't know whether he was thirsty like me but I saw her very patiently. I kept glaring her for 15 minutes and I was completely lost in her beauty, style and the way she was smiling while co-ordinating with the different partners while playing Dandiya. She was dancing very sweetly. Sometimes very energetic but sometimes very slow-paced. I wanted to dance with her but I am not social in my area as I am in my college. I am eagerly waiting to have a conversation with her. After 15 minutes when I realized that some uncles are staring me for my innocence (I call it this way), I stopped staring her. I ate the feast provided by the society and came back home. I didn't waited to see her little more because I had a fear that she may attract me more towards her and I may fall in LOVE with her. Falling in Love with someone you know that can't be yours is very hard and uncertain. Its better to be away from LOVE. A girl can kill a boy with her smile and beauty. She was doing the same. God has made her with immense dedication and passion. He lacked when it came to me and there fore I am struggling till today to be in LOVE with the girl of my choice. Haha !!!

            I am not blaming GOD. I am just joking. Today at the Dandiya ceremony, she was rocking and all the uncles and boys were looking her and dreaming to have her at least in their dreams. She was no less than Katrina today. The beautiful check-designed top, the big and number of chudaas in her wrist, the hairs all untied and blowing with the winds in their direction, that pink lips moving incessantly with the smile, that mark at chin which enhance her beauty, that long nails which attracts us towards her hand and you feel like holding her hands forever. She is so so beautiful and so so stylish. I am half in love with her. Her fair complexion has untied the confinement I had on my feelings. 

           Many people say that You are a Big Dreamer. Other says that You never love a girl, you just want the beauty to be yours and you want to taste it. Other group of solidarity says that You are cheap, you appreciate every beautiful girl. All this comments come after I write a post on any beautiful girl who makes it possible to win my heart (which is very easy). I can do nothing. When I love a girl, I like her, I have nothing to do except clamor on my blog which is my personal space (Jai Ho ARB). So, again, today, a girl, took my heart, and, hence, I wrote this Blog post. I have no cheap feelings for her. I just loved her and I would love to be her friend. I am not dreaming to be her boyfriend. I hope that I see her little more in my regular life. Hope I succeed. 

           So now its time to leave you all and focus on the Sleep. I am sorry for not being regular on the Blog recently. Many hurdles came in the way. Arrival of father, disconnection of internet, lack of thoughts and burdens of job. But now, I am free. I have no notes thus I can't study anything and hence I am OK with entertainment. Today, Khali entered Bigg Boss and it rocked. Khali is superb. I can't believe his size. He is huge and mind-blasting. He will rock the show. So, now, I am leaving you all, promising to meet you tomorrow for twice or thrice on my blog with different topics. I hope you will love them. 



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

nice..Punjab is known for beautiful gurls...hope had a nice time and best of luck for future..for peeping out of the balcony.

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa.. Punjabi girls are known for their beauty but I have heard from some friends that they r also known for fooling boys... But I dont have any personal experiences.. Hope this girl will give me.. hahaaha..... And thanks for the wishes.. I saw her today itself...in the pink dress.... I think she was talking to her boyfrnd on the phone.. hahaah.... Sapna toota..

Anonymous said...

gud 1 boy.....................

Writing Buddha said...

thank u.... Plzz try to name urself..

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