17 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Dasera - I celebrated it too !!!

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        Happy Dasera to all of you !!! Its the day when Love defeats Hate, Good defeats Bad, Innocent defeats wickedness. On the day of Dasera, Lord Ram killed Raavana. Dasera is the day for enjoyment but it also brings some emotions and palpable feelings. As its already familiar that Dasera is one of the Biggest Festival in our Hinduism, we celebrate it with immense pride and immaculate heart. We worship Maa Durga and her 9 different faces in this Navratri. We burn and annihilate the idols of Raavana which associates that the Evil is ended today. This is the day when it is marked as the intersection of enemies. We should forgive all our past enemies and we should start with a new relationship which showers and nourish only love and affection. Its an another part that no one tries to bow in front of the enemy and ask for a friendship. Confessing is not a bad part and hence Im saying that even I don't do this. I have a short list of enemies. I didn't developed them, they did. And I am in no interest to revamp and end the misapprehensions. So, the festival doesn't bring changes in many humans. Some are keen and intellectual and hence they do fulfill all the demands of the festival. A big bow to them. 

              This day is little sad because 9 days ago we bring the idol of Maa Durge and we worship her for the next 9 days with all the possible and feasible love and blithe. We play dandiya. We unite together. We meet new faces and we make friends with them. The environment is amicable and powerful during these 9 days. We perform Aarti in the morning and evening. The bhajans and keertans keep on playing for the whole day as the dedication towards the God. People keep thinking of the evening when they will be playing Dandiya with enthusiasm and zeal. But suddenly, when the 9th day starts and the preparation for Visarjan of the Idol begins, you can't stop your emotions and your heart gets despondent. You get addicted to the habit of worshiping the Idol and sharing your problems with it. Suddenly when you come to know that Idol will not be there from tonight, you get solaced and feel melancholy. But the rituals can't be broken or unfollowed. 

              Just before 30 minutes, the Maa Durge's Idol from my society was worshiped for the last time and they took her for Visarjan. As I heard the beats of drums, I came out and saw the powerful image of the Goddess Durga's face and I felt like crying. I didn't demanded anything to her but only asked to come back as soon as possible in the next year. I am still feeling chocked and sad. I am not so emotional but I am Emotional. I can't resist tear when I really feel like crying. Now there will be no more " Jai Mata Di", "Tune Mujhe Bulaya Shera Waaliye" , "Amba tere Darr Pe Aaya Hu" , "Meri binti Sunle Maa" bhajans in my society and hence ears and heart will miss it. I am missing it badly. As it is fresh, I am feeling like crying with all my heart. But it is also said that we shouldn't asunder someone with tears in our eyes and hence, I am quiet and trying to Smile. I am uploading some pics which aren't clear but I hope you will get a summary about how Maa Durge left me. 

Idol of Maa durge in my society

Ladies of society singing bhajans

Garba performed by girls

Goddess is ready to Go

Everyone is worshiping for the last time

She is decorated.


Firing crackers

Ladies - Little emotional

Drum beaters.

Small girl worshiping Goddess

Truck started and Everyone is emotional

Last moment. I am emotional.

             After this I didn't took any snaps as I came in my bedroom, cried a little bit and started writing this Blog to remember Maa Durge once again. None of my friend can believe that I would have cried for this thing but this is my inner self. Immaculate and pelucid. Again I would like to vindicate the Muslim family of my society. They were present during the last ceremony associated with Navratri too. They are really one of the most kind Muslims I have ever seen. The way they have been a part of our festival has been great. If I would have been the chairman of the society, I would have given a special mention to them. God will bless you people. You have broke all the barriers which are meant to divide the religions. You have shown us that we can be united even after the World has grown so corrupt and vacuous. 

           For the last time, Happy Dasera to all my Hindu brethren and all the dear people of other religion who respect Hinduism as they do respect their own religion. God is one and Hence everyone of us have the same God.



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

Happy dussehra to you !!

Writing Buddha said...

Same 2 u mam.. Hope u r celebrating it in abroad.. hmm?

hamaarethoughts.com said...

no dussehra..in USA..jus dandiya ..at temples only..or shows by indian bollywood stars..rest is not allowed..no crackers or any kind of noise or pollution...
have fun in India:)

Writing Buddha said...

So sad... then come to India mam.... I have sent u the chatting invitation on google talk.. if possible plz add me..it will be fun to talk to you.

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