8 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Completed 6 Series of Sai Baba Fast & New Indirank - "74" !!!

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            Today, I have completed my 6th Series of Sai Baba's fasting. I am more than happy. Every seires of fasting includes 9 Thursdays. This means that I have completed 54 Fasts. A year consists of 52 weeks i.e. 52 Thursdays. So, in epitomize way, I have completed 1 year of fasting too. I am so proud of this. I remember that my mother used to fast and I used to hater her for doing this but I started it last year after reading the scientific advantage of fasting once in a week time. I am proud of myself that I have continued my fasting with immense dedication and worship for Sai Baba. Sai Baba has always supported me in my goods and bads. There are only pros in fasting for Baba. I would recommend everyone of you reading this blog to try fasting once in your life. I can promise you that you will enjoy it. As a series got accomplished today, as a myth and custom, I distributed the food grains amongst the poor. It feels so smug and peaceful after helping someone poor and needy. I hope I bring a change in their life by performing some charity towards them. I am not rich like Salman Khan to give crores of rupees as charity but whatever I can, I try and I do. Hope they remember me while their prayings and bless me. Even a single blessing can change a human being's life. My life is changed. I think this is the reason behind this.

             Fasting not only changes your attitude towards life but it also changes your personality and inner strength. Now-a-days, when I keep fast and I smell some beautiful fragrance of foods getting prepared at hotels and road-side thelas, I don't get attracted towards them. My mind and my soul says that this is meant for the worshipers of foods and not for worshipers of Sai Baba. Sai Baba will provide more tasty and fragrant food tomorrow or sometime in future. Fasting also creates strenth within your body and you learn to be patient. The biggest reason of Anger is said to be hunger. When the stomach is empty, a normal human being can't control their temperament. So, if you learn to live without food with the help of fasting, you can control your anger every time you find yourself uncomfortable with something. I hope all of you will follow me and will live without food for at least 4 days in a month. OM SAI RAM !!!


               HAPPY NEWS ::--

             I am blithe to see the growth of ARB again. Every person associated with my blog will be happy to hear the news of our proliferation and augmentation. As I am one of the member of IndiBlogger.In - The site which rates the Blogger's overall performance according to the percentage, I am rated by it. Let me share the previous ranks with all of you before divulging the latest and the current Indirank provided to me by this beautiful site. 

March 2010 -   61 / 100
April 2010 -     63 / 100 
May 2010-      63 / 100
June 2010 -     71 / 100
July 2010 -      71 / 100
August 2010-  70 / 100

                You can see the jump in my rank from 63 to 71 between May and June. But there was a fall of 1 marks in the month of August. I never understood why I was dropped even when I kept posting in the same frequency and my readers kept reading my blog in the same rates of visits. But what is bygone is bygone. I have been rated the new IndiRank which is "74". You can see the badge on the left column of my Blog Page below the Labels. I have proliferated by 4 Marks. I am so so happy. I hope that I'll be successful in maintaining this percentage. 74% isn't less. I hope my readers will enjoy my blogs and the jury of Indiblogger's website will appreciate me for my works. 

               I am in no condition right now to continue with the blog. So I think I should go to sleep. Before leaving, let me inform you the latest stat of our India's performance in CWG - Gold - 14, Silver - 11, Bronze - 9. Total - 34 Medals and India is stable at its 2nd position. great !!! Proud to be an Indian !!! 


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