20 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Highest In Presentation & Current College Life !!!

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My Group climbed the Ladder - PROUD !!!
                This is the second-last week of this semester in my college. I am feeling so blithe about this. Now I'll get the time to eat, sleep, study, write, read, read newspaper etc. I have been quite busy with my routine these days. That's another thing that 3 hours of the evening is dominated by KBC and Bigg Boss. I don't even get the time for writing Blogs now-a-days because of number of reality shows striking the television screen. How is it possible to leave Mr. Bachchan on the television screen when he is questioning the doubtful contestants on his biggest show - KBC? Even leaving Salman Khan and his 11 roommates locked into a house is difficult. All the masalas has been put on television. The source of entertainment has expanded in an inexpugnable manner. I know its my mistake that I am wasting my time in these reality shows rather than concentrating on the exam which is just 1 to 1.5 months away. I will have to be serious. Lets see. Hope I'll turn into a stringent personality soon for myself. Don't Laugh !!! ;-)

              Yesterday, our HRM teacher revealed our marks for the presentation we gave. I have individually gained 8 marks out of 10. The highest score in the class is 9. Its a justice. So I don't have much complain with the teacher. Some places are always left and thus madam has missed some perfection while giving marks but I want to avoid it as I am over-happy with my group performance. I would have been happy with 5 marks too if the Total score of my group would have been satisfactory. The God's grace has always been showered on me. I don't know why God is loving me so much from last 1 to 2 years. But I am happy that I am one of the few human beings who is realizing the Love and Affection of the God towards me. I had Gaurav, Yusuf, Prema and Vandana as my Group members in the Presentation. They got 6, 7, 7 and 8 respectively. So the total marks of our group sums to be 6 + 7 + 7 + 8 + 8 = 36. And we are the HIGHEST SCORER in the class. I am happy that my group has done the best. I am feeling so smuggled to be the Group Leader of such group members who needed no support. After the marks were announced, we planned for a small treat or party as the celebration of our positive result. We ate ice creams and it was so delightful to celebrate the small happiness in this way. It happens only because of good friends who always support you. I have the ones and I am so happy to be the part of such companies.

              As I have shared that this is the 2nd-last week going on and then my Preparation Leave will begin and it will continue for the whole November. I know that I am not going to study for the examination till 1 week is not left at most. So, I know that I'll get bored sitting in my house and dreaming about what to study. At last, the whole day will end up and I will not read even a single page. I know my fitrat. It's so pellucid to me and to everyone. I know that no friend is going to support me for a company to Mall or somewhere else during P.L. as everyone would be studying or they may be into a severe pressure of the exams. So, I am trying to push my friends to Inorbit Mall or for a hang-out as much as its possible. I am turning out to be quite Successful. I said naa I have a nice company.

             As the 3rd sem out of 6 is at its edge to be finished and accomplished, I have realized that how fast the time has passed away. The same amount of time will pass and then I'll be a Graduate and I'll have a brand new company of friends in MCA or MBA or Job. Whatever my future will be !!! I always hated to see people clicking photos more than enjoying the celebrations or fun. But now, I have started the same because I don't want the faces of these friends to get blurred after asundering from them. But as I said that I don't like to sabotage and ruin the celebrations by keeping the people busy in posing for photographs, I click the snaps while the lecture is on or while people are free and alone. I have already collected more than 70 photos in this week itself. Hope I'll get an awesome collection till the end of the Graduation. I will definitely miss the company with whom I hang-out at malls and with whom I share all my personal views without any hem or doubts. 

            Tomorrow, I have a short presentation to be given. This is the individual work. I haven't prepared anything and I am ready to be mortified tomorrow by the teacher in front of the class. This time my internals are going to be sucked. Teachers are going to give me beautiful 1 digit in the Internals. Any teacher who will be granting me the internals in 2 digits will get special mentions in my praying on Thursdays for Sai Baba. Yes, I am bribing you. Catch me if you can. Hahaha. Chalo people, now I have to go. An assignment yet to be completed and it is already 2 AM. Only 3 to 4 hours of sleep and I'll have to wake up again for a new day to explore and create something. Life is full of new pages and I love finishing them. 

            Bahut ho gayi baatein. Now, let me go. 




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Gaurav said...

Agar ABHILASH RUHELA jaisa group leader hoga to ham har presentation me top karenge........

Writing Buddha said...

Ohh Gaurav.. Wonderful comment... I am proud to have such a group member who is giving the credits to me even when I didnt did anything special to make the presentation the best one.... Hope we will collaborate again for the next presentation..

hamaarethoughts.com said...

nice you r so busy with shows! keeping up an update for all of us...best of luck for presentations and all the hard work...it pays..eventually!

Writing Buddha said...

Mam.. I love my readers more than myself and my blogs..I can spend sleepless night but I cant leave blogging.. The day when I am unable to write a blog.. I feel lyk frustrated for the whole next day.. Uff... I am addicted.. Not to blogging but to my readers and friends for whom I come on blog daily..

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