3 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Take on Ayodhya's Verdict !!!

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            I sometime think that how fast your life proceeds. It was 1 October yesterday and we have already stepped into 3rd October so fast. Tomorrow it will be my birthday and very soon 5th October will enter. You can't imagine the speed in which God is playing with us. God has given 24 hours out of which 8 hours is wasted in sleep and the left hours are spent either in dreaming or doing something very useless. I am literally sorry to all my fellow readers who were expecting my view about our Baapu - Gandhi yesterday as it was Gandhi Jayanti. I am really sorry. I got a message from a friend saying that," Where's your pick about Gandhi? How can you forget to write about such a god-like figure on your Blog?" I really felt that as a Blogger there is a responsibility. If you have taken an initiative to talk about issues then you can't miss any of them. I am sorry. As the day has passed, I will still give a short coverage about the Gandhi Jayanti in spite of going into details.

             Gandhi !! Poora Naam - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi !!! The man born on 2nd October, 1869 would have never realized that he himself had immense power to initiate at the level where the whole nation is concerned and heuristic. He is the man who taught India how the leaders should be. Our new politicians like Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray have shown us the new facet of Leaders but still people love the way Gandhi used to take his actions. Gandhi showed us that Pen is mightier than sword. He used to speak. He used to vociferate but he didn't used to burn the skin of the humans by wounding and burning them. But today as we can easily see how people are fighting against each other and causing pains to their fellow brethren. It is indigestible. I really like the idea of Gandhi about non-violence. If every people of India flags the Gandhi's approach of winning then we can really see the Real India among us. We all remember how Gandhi was showcased in the movie - Lage Raho Munnabhai. He taught a Don- a Spoiled Human Being how to win the world by showing patience and loving all the human beings. I just loved the movie and more because of its concept. We should really love our Baapu - Gandhi. I think he is the greatest person of this India. Proof - In this world, everyone is fighting for money. Now a days people are killing each other for small amount of bucks. And our Gandhiji has his face printed on every currency of India. So you can yourself see that the person is printed on the note for which all the people in the world are fighting. What more can you achieve in your life? You may not see your parent's photograph daily but you definitely see Gandhiji's photo on the note. This is the power of Mr. M.K. Gandhi. We really miss you, Baapu !!!!

               Recently, we saw the verdict of Ayodhya case live on our news channels and got its brief description in the newspaper circulated the very next day all over India. The biggest and the most controversial case of our Indian History. I was waiting for the verdict too. I wanted to see that how mature our judges really are. And with the verdict, I understood it quite nicely. They are really matured. Rather than giving the Land in any one party's favor, they distributed it amongst all the parties fighting for it. 1 went to Hindu group, 2nd went for Muslim group and the 3rd went for Nirmohi Akhaada. Now the people are evoking others by saying that Nirmohi Akhaada is also from the behalf of Hindus so 2/3 land goes to Hindus. This is not the real verdict. This is being exaggerated. If there would have been 2 Muslim groups fighting for the Land, it would have been distributed in 4 parts. So, as everyone of us know that this is more political case rather than a really spiritual one, Muslim should have added one of their group in this fight in between if they really wanted to win it. I am not talking about each Hindus and Muslims here. I am talking about the one who were fighting for it. None of my Hindu or Muslim friend were ever interested in winning the part of land. My friends are happy to pray their God in the Temples and Mosque they are already praying at rather than praying in whatever will be built on the land of Ayodhya. I don't know which type of Hindus and Muslims these people are those who are fighting for this special land.

               Some Hindus say that Lord Ram was born at this land. Again a Big Question on Hinduism. In every myth and in every religion, this is evident and immaculate that God has created all the human beings. So, I want the answer about this - How can Lord Ram (God) take birth from the womb of a human being at this place? I am shocked to see the immaturity of people. Leave the crap. After the verdict, The initiator of Wakf Board says that he will step forward and he is unhappy with the verdict. Who are you? Ask to your fellow Muslims by polling that are they happy or not. I am sure that they are happy. Majority are. So please you damn foolish idiot, let us live in peace and enjoy the love between us. Because of you fighters, there is different mohallas for Hindus and Muslims all over the country. Let us live together. Please !!! After the verdict, some politicians also gave some poppycock comments. I don't know why these people can't keep their lips stuck. Why do they give pain to their tongue and hurl out a voice which can cause annihilation among the 2 beautiful religion? Still Allah haven't asked in Quran to the Islam followers to give him the land of Ayodhya and not even Hindu's God have asked that I was born there, I want my temple to be built there. When our God are so cool and so non-violent, why are you bloody rascal stepping forward towards Supreme Court? 

              Build the Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, Church and all the holy places on this land and give a new image to our country that We respect all religions and we can pray anywhere. Or one more idea have struck the part of my mind which is little judicial. Build a huge building there. Make four entrance. And mark each entrance as the entrance for each of the 4 religions. One entrance for Hindu, One for Muslim, One for Sikh and One for Christians. After entering, everyone will meet at the center of the building which will be called a "Union Section". Can't you do something which can create love among people? Is it indispensable to divide the Land and create more confusions among people that Hindu won the large part or Muslim won the small. Do you want to pray your God or you want to show others that I am praying in a big holy place than yours? Grow up people. Please Grow Up. Either drink Shankpushpi or drink Complan. But literally Grow up.

               One thing, I would really like to say is - We, Indians, took the verdict and the whole issue as lightly as possible on 30th September. It was expected by our government that we will fight wildly and thus they organized a good security all over the country. But all the policemen were dozing as no one came to beat the Hindus and no one went to thrash the Muslims. Every Indian in their heart said that Jaane do yaar. Tum poojo yaaa hum poojey, bas duaan kar lena hamaare liye aur banaao jo banana hai wahaan. No one took it seriously that in whose favor the land went to. Everyone followed what Gandhi said 60-80 years back. There was no violence. No violence was found in any part of the nation. The only place where the violence was found was the people who were the part of this case. Indians showed that they are growing up and they are more matured than the leaders we elect to communicate with the masses about the emotions we have. None of the leaders communicate our feelings. They just go on and on about what they and their stupid mind feel about the situations. Congress. I think your time is over now. You aren't doing something like what Rajiv Gandhi tried to. We are electing you again and again because we feel that this time you will act like him but you have lost your conscious and its the time for you to faint and expire. Lets give the chance to someone else. But to whom? Again, Britishers? Think readers Think. 

               So, this is my whole take about the verdict announced on the Ayodhya's matter or I think foolish people's matter. Intelligent people are busy in their quest to earn for bread and butter issue rather than Mandir or Masjid issue. Now, some hours are left. After that, wishes will be showered on me and I will be dancing under them. Its my 21st birthday. I hope all my readers are happy. I have a gift for everyone of you on my Blog Page. The curtains will be up on 4th October itself. So till then. Love Me. Wish Me. Celebrate For Me. I'll transfer the celebration amount in your account. Just scan the copy of the bills. Hahaha. I am not so sincere. ;-)


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU - Very soon a Birthday Boy.     

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