26 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Karwa Chauth Is Craze Even In Unmarried Couples !!!

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Happy Karwa Chauth !!!
        Thanks for all the warm appreciations you gave me for 327th Blog post. Today, Karwa Chauth will be celebrated all over in India. This is the festival where wife fasts for the long life of the husband. This is the day when the bonding between husband and wife strengthens and husband start respecting his wife as he sees that she is fasting just for his long life. I have heard from many newly married couple that after the Karwa Chauth their relation grew more firm and stable. They started respecting each other. Now-a-days, the society has grown more responsible for their partners. The girls keep fasts for their boyfriends or you can also term Boyfriends as "ATM". Some young girls who are unfortunately and surprisingly still single keeps this fast of Karwa Chauth in the wish that they get their partner as soon as possible (For all this girl, I want to inform you that I am single. So don't be hungry, come to me and get mingled). I have also heard from many of my Muslim friends that they didn't knew what this Karwa Chauth was till the media didn't showed Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on her terrace waiting for the moon to be seen so that she can break her fasting. Waah Media !!! Aishwarya Rai ke bhooka rehne ka khyaal hai jisne poorey din juice choosey honge, baaki bhartiya naariyo ka footage nahi dikhaaya jinhone ek boond paani tak nahi cakhi hoti hai. Grow Up Media !!!

               On the day of Karwa Chauth, women wakes up early in the morning to have their breakfast before the sunrise. After the sunrise they keep the fasting for the whole day. Each fasting woman lights an earthen lamp in her thali while listening to the Karva story. Sindoor, incense sticks and rice are also kept in the thali. After this all the women head towards their terrace or at any place where the moon can be visible. Once the moon is visible, it is customary for a fasting woman, with her husband nearby, to view its reflection in a vessel filled with water, through a sieve, or through the cloth of a dupatta. Water is offered to the moon (som or chandra, the lunar deity) to secure its blessings. She then turns to her husband and views his face indirectly in the same manner. In some regions, the woman says a brief prayer asking for her husband's life. It is believed that at this stage, spiritually strengthened by her fast, the fasting woman can successfully confront and defeat death (personified by Yama). In Rajasthan the women say "Like the gold necklace and the pearl bracelet, just like the moon may my suhaag always shine brightly".

             The husband now takes the water from the thali and gives his wife her first sip and feeds her with the first morsel of the day (usually something sweet). The fast is now broken, and the woman has a complete meal. It is customary for the husband to make a gift to his wife, such as jewelry or a new dress.

               A beautiful custom and a firm dearness between the couples. When I hear about such festivals and occasions, I feel like marrying as early as possible so that I can also have a wife who would love me so much. No girl has ever kept any fasting for me. I am in search of such a girl who can show this dedication towards me. Atcha, let me share one thing. I had a friend in Nashik. He told me that he got committed to his girlfriend just 1 week before the Karwa Chauth. On the day of Karwa Chauth, she told him to be present in her society at such a place so that she can see him and perform the rituals and break her fasting. He went like an idiot and all the drama took place. After he came from there, he told me the whole incident of the love his girlfriend showed for him and he had tears in his eyes. He told me that no one in his life has ever loved him in this way. After 2 months, I asked him that how is your girlfriend yaar? He replied that saali, sirf karwa chauth k din hi bhooka reh ke naatak kar rahi thi, usse 100 guna jyaada khaana to tab khaati hai jab usko 3 Star Hotel me leke baithta hu. Lagta hi nahi hai k kabhi 1 ghantey k liye bhi bhooki reh sakti hain. Saali ne sirf kuch ghantey bhookey reh ke mujhe yeda banaya aur ab main usko un chund ghanto k parishram k liye aajtak uska pett bhar rha hu. Har roz 2 baar to yaad dilaati hai Karwa chauth ka sympathy gain karne ke liye. Moti ho gayi hai mere se juddney k baad. Hahaha !!!

               So many facets to see in the life and so many different people with exuberant of perceptions available all around. You just need to dig them up to find out the mineral they have with them. I am a writer and I keep doing this. I love exploring the life of peoples. Not for my profession's sake but because I love talking to people, listening to their problem and healing it if its in my hand. On this Karwa Chauth, I would pray God to bless all the ladies and girls who fasts for the whole day in immense dedication for their partners. Hope I'll get a girl who will show lavish love for me. Koi hai Kya?? 

              Rehne do. Koi nahi hai. Main bhi jaa raha hu. Thanks.


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Anangkr said...


:D dat incidnt with your friend was hilarious..ha ha,.
To say the least, one of my frnd is fasting for her girl frnd.

Gosh,dude you are so desperate for a girl,.. :D
all the best for that.
In between all these nice post.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

good one!!abhilash!!but I dont celebrate all this!!thou my hubby wud love to see me decked up..jus like indian soap stars!!man..I still cant believe somebody can be so decked at dining table or kitchen,,,in indian soaps..but no ..I think love is not a display ..if someone can stay hungry its ok..and off course its a belief BUT no strings should be attached...
Hats off to all women celebrating..big day!!

Writing Buddha said...

Anurag, yaaar who is not desperate for a girl? Even a dude like Salman khan is the same... Even he id desperate for the girls and keep on changing his Gfs.... ;-) ........ And yaa..that frnd waala incident is funny.. hahahaa.

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam... Wat sud I say to this.. Only thing to say is Thanks for the comments..

Unknown said...

every women must understand the importance of karwa chauth

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