4 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My 21st Birthday - Happy Happy Birthday To Me !!!

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        ( No Days Left - Its My Birthday Finally)

It feels so smug and so bizarre to see that I have turned into an adult of 21 years old (Acc to the official documents, I am still 20). I can't express my feeling at this moment. I wait for each birthday as I am going to get a new life out of it. I love watching my changing face each year in the snaps I keep clicking in my routines. Now, when I see my growth right from when I was 10 years old to Now, when I am 21 years old, I can't believe that this is the same person who grew so quick and so easily. My life is so smooth just because I have the best parent of the world. They have taken such a care of me that I can't imagine myself as a parent like them to my children in future. They have been so plunged into me that they keep all the records about my each and every activity. 

               I have tried to blemish my smooth and lovely life number of times but my parents have directed me the right path and I really respect and admire them for this. Today, every guest and every newcomer likes me and my behavior. It is all because of my parent's approach towards me and my growth. I see many friends rejecting the food given to them at someone's house. I feel like killing such friends. My parents have always taught me that even if you hate the food you are served at someone's house, never say NO to it. Eat it and compliment the lady who has cooked it with immense love and affection for you. This is how I am grown up in my parent's aegis and I can't think of being better than what I am.

My parents keep poking me whenever they see a rude tone and ascent in my parlance. They have taught me to be sweet and to be non-violent even to the most jeopardized foe. They have taught me to be sweet and mixable rather than being isolated and living like a recluse. Today, when I see myself and compare myself to other friends, I can see myself much above than them. I am not saying this in a pride or over confidence, I am saying this in the way I talk with elders and my approach towards my life, my parents, my elders, my money, my home, my things etc. etc. etc. I really think of my mother every time whenever I celebrate my birthday. She has been such a sweet mother. I can never give the love back whatever she has showered on me in all these 21 years. She just can't see me in pain and depression.

               I remember the time when I was depressed and I was going through melancholy, how she used to take care of me and my not-less-than-a-quietus-body. She has completed her education in Hindi medium but still she used to keep the track of all my medicines and doses. I don't know how she used to read the name of the medicines but it really showed how heuristic she is for me. I love my mummy and you are the reason because of whom I am celebrating my 21st birthday otherwise according to the doctors and astrologers and my kundali too, my 20th birthday itself was quite impossible. I am out of the Danger Zone and I am living a healthy and smug life. This is all because of you and my father. Thanks to both of you. I love both of you a lot.

              Before coming in the world of Blogs, I used to write my achievement of last 1 year on my birthday just to see that how much have I achieved in my life in the past 1 year blessed to me by God. I would like to name some of them here(5th Oct,2009 to 4th Oct, 2010) - 

  1.  66% in 1st Sem and luckily 3rd rank too
  2. 61.43% in 1st year graduation and again 3rd rank luckily
  3. 2nd prize in Traditional day in College
  4. Out of marks in the presentation given in 2nd Sem
  5. Only student in my class to score Out of Out marks in an Assignment till today
  6. First solo dance performance of my life in the college fest
  7. I completed my 100th, 200th and 300th Blog of my life
  8. I got appraisals from 4 published authors and from Abhishek Bachchan too.
  9. I earned money for the 1st time in my life
  10. I hosted the very first Orientation Program of my college
  11. I got my Article published in the DNA newspaper 

                I can't remember more right now but I am happy that I am achieving so many zeniths and landmarks every year. I would like to thank Sai Baba for this because I can just perform but being the winner in the competition is left on the desire of the God and this is why, I give all the credit of my success to Sai Baba. I have already completed Six series of Fasting for Sai Baba. Each series has 9 Thursdays. Sai Baba, keep loving me in the same way and keep blessing me. I would also like to thank my gemologist - Mr. Verma Uncle. The gems which he suggested me and gave me has really changed my life and this is the main reason because of which my semblance can be seen.Thanks a lot Uncle. I would like to thank all my friends who keep on loving me and don't irritate me. Some those who irritate me, no thanks to them. I am not real Gandhi, I only share my zodiac sign with him. ;-).

              I started tweeting from 4th October, 2009. So today itself I have completed 1 year on Twitter. It has been a great journey on Twitter. You can feel it just by the number of tweets I have posted - "6400". Quite Large. On my birthday, I want to gift something to my readers. My readers have always loved me selflessly. They have never tried to hurt me and they have been innocuous right from my 1st post. I have given a Brand New Theme of my Blog Page to all of you. This is 10 times better than all the themes I had before. I hope all of you liked it. Did you? I am also deciding to change my handle of Twitter which currently is - Mumbai_Blogger. I am not sure whether I am doing this or not. I'll decide it today itself. It is 12 o clock right now. People are preparing to wish me. I love the friends and well-wishers who show their immense love for me by wishing me at 12 AM itself. I was born on 4.45 PM in 1989 on 4th October. 

              So friends, now I am going to leave all of you. Be with me on my Birthday. I love the company of my dear friends and readers. You are the reason of my success and growth. I hope my birthday goes very entertaining and delighting. Ending now. I hope you liked my pics. Thanks. YOUR SUPPORT IS MY SUCCESS !!! This is also the tag line of My Blog - ARB

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day to Me !!!

Happy Birthday To Me !!!

May I Live a Long and Happy Life !!!

Finally I am 21 Years Old


Birthday BOY,


9 CoMMenTs !!! - U CaN aLSo CoMMenT !!!:

khimaanshu said...

Wishing you Belated Birthday AbhiLaSH!!..
Hope all you wishes comes true and you are blessed with all the happiness in the world!!..
Keep Smiling n stay Blessed!!..
-K HImaanshu!!..

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Himanshu.

akshay2cool said...

Muze sabse acche tere bachpan ke pics lage

Anonymous said...

Wishing u a belated happy birthday.
Amazing way to celebrate one's birthday

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Akshay bhaai.... Bachpan ke hi lagey... abhi k nahi lage kyaa?

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Vijay Sir... Jab hmare paas chchota mota blog hai to kyu na birthday celebrate kiya jaaye hmare badey badey readers k saath.. hm?

Anonymous said...

ur sense of gratitude for ur parents is immense.. have u ever expressed it in words to them personally? if not, do that, its not too late.. u will c ur life changing 360 degree after that.. we all r surely indebted tremendously to our parents.. and the ones who realise it and revolve their lives around their parents r gonna surely b diamonds at heart.. u and me r no exception..
did u give time to ur mom yest? if not, b wid her today.enjoy every bit of time you spend wid her.. she'll b happy and in turn u will b the happiest..
god blesss uuuu..

Writing Buddha said...

My lovely mam.. I am so happy to see ur comment on my bday's blog directly on my website. U rarely come here.. But I am happy this time.. I wanted people to read my birthday's blog on my website itself... First of all thanks to call me and wish on my birthday as u know last year u missed it.. And mam.. I really love my parents a lot.. I cant live without mummy even for a minute but kya karein bcoz of targt have to leave her for some hours.. I havent told them in words but I have made them read the blogs I write for them.. They love me a lot.. And Yes my mam... My life has already turned at the 360 degrees...

I spent the whole evening with my mumma yesterday...And c was very happy.. C was so excited that she was feeling that I was born yesterday itself...... Mumma is God.. Love her a lot..

Mandy21 said...

Belated happy birthday! Be responsible in enjoying your freedom!

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