27 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Bigg Boss's Cat Fight Between Shweta and Dolly Bindra !!!

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        I am back after watching one of the most talked reality show - Bigg Boss 4. Many think and say that the show is scripted. I don't think so but even if it is scripted I relate to each and every character and the happenings in the house very easily. For me, everything seems to be real. What happens inside the house is no less than what happens with you in the real world. There are people who are very quiet. There are people who talk so much that you can't bear them. There are people who are so aggressive that its hard to sit with them. There are many people who are so abusive and cheap that you don't even like to see their faces. The same faces are available in the Bigg Boss house. Even if the show is scripted, director is doing a good job as he is showing us the small model of this earth and the politics played all over it. According to me, the contestants are just poked before the show that you have to create drama and nothing else happens after this. All the miffs are created by the housemates themselves. But, director of the show is doing a good job. I am loving it. I can see the real world in the house.

            Right now, I am back after watching the big cat fight between Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra. It was so indigestible to see how that Dolly Bindra was mortifying Shweta Tiwari. I am a boy and I know that what kind of words should I use for an another boy even in my amidst anger so that no harm is caused to his character. This Dolly Bindra should think that Shweta Tiwari is a girl too and she can be depressed and can break after listening to her past life's erratic in front of the housemates. I just hated the whole scene. Even if director planned it, I would say that it was over than enough. It was worst than that case where Kamaal Khan hurled the bottle on Rohit Verma. Salman Khan is such a big superstar and with it, he is also a great human being. He has always supported right people in his life. He should have asked Directors to expel the Dolly from the house as she has dropped the level of Bigg Boss House and humanity. The room has never been so dirty in any of the seasons before. Salman can do this.

              I am a writer and hence its indispensable for me to be neuter and talk. Everyone entering the house knows that there will be any 13 other roommates in the house who will share the room and time with them for the next 3 months. They should think thoroughly before entering the house that if their biggest enemy will enter the show, how will they handle him or her. These contestants are paid for all these - hurling abuses and hearing the abuses. If life has been so easy and the abuses would have been so sweet, why would have Bigg Boss paid them money to live in that house? Just because living in that house and adjusting and suffering all those people is quite hard, Bigg Boss is one of the most popular and the most talked reality show in India. Shweta should have thought about all the circumstances in which she was going inside the house. She should have thought if any of her enemy comes, what will she do. Now when she is inside the house, she will have to suffer all this. She will have to live in a way where audiences will keep loving her and her respect remains as it is.

             The more surprising is the people who support the people like Dolly Bindra. I am quite confident that I have never supported a wrong person in my life even when he or she would have been my best friend at that moment. After the fight, Rahul Bhatt was supporting her. It was strange to see this that the person's father is so respected person in the society, still this idiot is supporting a woman like Dolly Bindra. One of my friend came online and started supporting Dolly Bindra. I directly retaliated to it and said that you will say in this manner because you are in a bad company where everyone is like Dolly Bindra. It is really tough to manage the life and the people who are worst than Dolly Bindra. 

            Thanks. I had to post this last night but due to the slumber, I ran away to sleep. So its 5 hours late. ;-)

          Bye for now.

           ABHILASH RUHELA- VEERU !!! 

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