21 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Mindless Shiv Sena Wants Ban of Burqas !!!

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        The first ODI was canceled because of rains and today the 2nd ODI was played between India and Australia. As the situations and the relations between India and Australia has been sour from many recent months, the conflict and contravene between both the countries are witnessed and taken very passionately and patriotically. It is said that the excitement between Ind-Aus match has overcomed the excitement people had or have for Ind-Pak matches. The relationship between India and Pakistan is normal and steady now-a-days but the collision with Australia is heard almost every week so the real rivals while playing the cricket is Australia currently. Today, India won the match and it was a bizarre thing to experience. India had to chase 290 runs and it lost its first 2 wickets in 38 runs itself but the way Kohli - Century maker, Yuvraj - Half-century (back in form), Raina - Half Century (Always special) and Tiwari - The debutant has played is incredulous. So after the celebration of cricket I am back to talk about one of the weird issue in our country. Lets talk about it.

              Recently there was a news that a new-born child is stolen by someone in a Mumbai's hospital. When the CCTV footage was replayed, they found someone in a Burqa with white sport shoes taking the child. This made it evident and pellucid that there was a man who wore a Burqa and picked up the child and went. Now, the police dept. started investigating about the whole scenario and are still trying to find out who the criminal is. They are still slogging to find out the germane face behind the Burqa. 

               But the Shivsena seems to be smarter than Police department. Shivsena says that the Burqa should be banned. Shiv Sena, I think is the most smartest people in the world (At least in India, they are !!!). The issues and topics which nobody can observe or nobody gives a hype, Shiv Sena scrutinize that issue and bring it in front of the people. The issues they bring upon are so weird and funny that sometimes you can't believe that an Old man in white beard in his 80's give such unexperienced decisions and immature announcements. The Shiv Sena exactly says that THE BURQA is being used to steal children. This is against Islam (have you read the whole holy book?) and Muslims (do any one of them are your friends?) should support the ban (this is request or an order?). They also add that," Is the Rs. 65,000-crore being spent on upliftment of Muslim women only to keep them inside a burqa?" I would have agreed to their 2nd point at once but my dear Shiv Sainiks, you have lost your track. You haven't imposed ban on Burqas to give an opportunity to the Muslim women and girls, you have made this request (order in your language) because you feel that people are benefiting the Burqa dress and getting involved into criminal activities.  Don't lose your track.

               Their editorial also said that President Nicolas Sarkozy of France is a revolutionary as he has imposed ban in his country on the Burqas and they have also acclaimed Turkey's President Kemal Pasha who imposed the ban on Burqa after a man from an enemy camp attended a secret meeting wearing one. Our Dear Shivsainiks peered at this act of French people but they didn't got the chance to envisage the development made in their country by the political parties. Today Shiv Sena wants the ban on Burqas, tomorrow they will ask for the ban on Namaaz because it is also performed by the few terrorists who are also from the respective religion. They have already appealed for the ban on loudspeakers at the Masjids which call the Muslims for the Namaaz. They are irritated by the high decibels of Masjid's loudspeakers but they are comfortable with their over-high decibels of loudspeakers they use in the mandals and various clubs while Ganeshotsav and Dahi Handi. They didn't even found the loudspeakers irritating which they use in their rallies and their promotions. The Great Shivsainiks.

                Just have a epitomize view of the recent demands and points Sena has clamored - No Pakistani contestants in the Bigg Boss House, Ban Rohinton Mistry's book in the varsity, Stop screening My Name Is Khan, Valentine Day's protest, Protests against Pakistani's artists and cricketers and ban on loudspeakers at masjids. Did you find any one of the issues which will turn the facet and the outcome of our society? Kehne ko They are the King of Mumbai. I am not saying this. They have self-imposed this. But I don't remember any of the issue initiated by this party which opined my feelings and a WAAH perfumed out of my mouth. I am still expecting some maturity from Shiv Sena. Last Sunday, on Dashera, they introduced the 3rd Generation of Thackeray's in the political world. The son of Uddhav Thackeray - Aditya Thackeray formed a Youth party. Now this one is going to pollute Mumbai in a modern style I think. The blood is same, the family is same, the approach is same and thus the actions are same and thus the whole outcome in the city will be the same. Sick Shiv Sainiks !!!

              I am doubtful whether Bal Thackeray himself can hear about what he speaks and demand. And if he really hears himself then how come he never found any patches in his ideas and creativeness? The old man wants the Burqas to be banned. I want the Muslim parties to ask his Marathi women to stop wearing their sarees in their traditional way as it seems to be vulgar. Will you stop your ladies for doing this? On Valentine's Day, girls come uncovered, they have problem with nudity, they thrash them and beat them pitilessly.Fine. The Muslim women covers themselves in Burqa and hence avoid nudity, again they have problem with these women, What does the Old Stupid Man really wants? I want him to be clear and pellucid. Lets hope for little maturity from Shiv Sena or be ready for more funny articles and editorials in Saamna in future too. ;-)

           I have nothing more to speak. Shiv Sena k dimaag ki Jai Ho !!!



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

shiv sena seems to be out of Senses...weird khusat people...and their ideologies...a bunch of idiots to create communal riots..by passing these statements..
they have no worth on international platforms good for India only where people take their BS or craps..
well written Abhilash!!

Writing Buddha said...

Yes mam.. they are out of their senses.. actually according to me.. they never had senses ever... They have spoiled the whole environment of Mumbai... They are really sick.. I dont know how does even Marathi manoos vote them... and thanks mam for liking my post.

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