10 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Use CONDOMS while having SEX in Navratri !!!

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        A Busy Sunday !!! Little Boring while little Interesting. Can't include this in any one of the category. There's a number of plans I make to be executed on the weekends but I don't think that I'll be ever successful in accomplishing any of them. I don't know why do my planning fails at the moment when it is most required to be in the process and completion. Let's try in the future. Today, cleaned the house and now I am writing this Blog. After this, I'll bathe and then I'll move towards Inorbit, Vashi. Today, the author - Rashmi Bansal (Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots) is going to visit Inorbit's Crossword kiosk. Hope I'll get the chance to talk to her personally. Let's see what happens. As I'll be returning late from there, I am excited to experience the Mumbai in the late night. After that, I'll join the Jaagran - Mata Ki Chowki organized by our society. It will be fun. After returning from there, I'll publish one or two blog posts- if its possible. So a quite busy day with lots of different activities. I am loving this. Lets come to the topic for which all of you are excited. ;-)

            Recently, I came to know from one of my friend who is working as a social organizer in Mumbai that Condom machines are going to be installed in all the big grounds and clubs where big party for Daandiya is organized as Navratri has arrived. I laughed at this news first. But after that when I started researching about this, I came to know about many facts. They are funny while serious too.

             Dandiya is the time when parents allow their children to stay out for late nights and thus with parent's consent , these youngsters enjoy the dandiya party for late nights. Parents never ask about why are they so late in the house as they know this is the festival time and there is no use of restricting and ceasing children to play dandiya and enjoy the parties. Dandiya is the time when boys and girls wear the best dresses. For all the days, they have a new dress to wear. The beauty parlors earn the most in this period. The girls apply the best make up and try to look the best amongst all the girls present at the ground playing sticks with their friends. Mostly, the teenagers come together with their partner at such clubs so that they can have the best company to play dandiya with and after the show is over they can enjoy long rides in the late night and can spend time together. 

             But, the story doesn't stop here. Sometimes, these love birds cross the limit and get into intimacy with each other. They start kissing and loving their partner. There was a time when Love was defined as looking into the partner's eyes and talking everything you want to share with the special person. Holding the hand used to be the biggest success. But in today's genre, Love doesn't seems to be mutual appreciation of the partners through eye contact, but it means kissing, smooching, going from the face to the cleavage, pressing and sucking breast and sharing the bed together without cloths. It is hard to stop this people as they find their space to do such things. During dandiyas, the girls come with the most sexy looks and the boys come in the most handsome looks. Girls believe in exposing their milk tankers and attracting the boys. Boys are weak by heart (lolz) and thus they get attracted to the girls so easily that they start kissing and start loving their partners. This leads to Sex sometimes. As they aren't prepared for this, they don't carry any protection with them and hence they perform direct Sex which results in pregnancy.

            The highest rates of abortion is observed during the next 2 months of Navratri. Yaa, I can relate to this season. Even now-a-days, Dandiya is being played in my society and I can see beautiful girls. Even I can't resist myself but as I have no legal approach to ask them for intimacy, I shut my feelings and sit quietly. But I can understand the boys and girls who are committed. There is no chance to back up. You will have to get into loving positions as your partner has the best looks on the day to seduce you and appeal you for sex.(I think I am frankly speaking. Sorry Adults if you aren't liking my liberty to speak). 

             Every one knows that this is going to happen and thus some NGOs and some governmental bodies have implanted condom machines outside such grounds and clubs so that boyfriends can have the fun with their partners without getting caught into danger situations as pregnancy and abortion of their girlfriends. So, all the boys and girls, dandiya is the best time to have sex and being physical with your partners as the condom machines has come to you, you'll not have to search for them at public toilets and other places. You are free now. Some people may be thinking that what a worst crap I am that I am supporting this people for the wrong activities which can spoil their future. I know that no one is going to listen to my restriction of not having sex. If I'll say this, I'll be termed as Gay and Non-sexy person. So its better to haan-mein-haan-milaana than giving a lecture to control your sexual parts and be in limits. And even I am a youngster, Single hu toh kya hua, Sex kisko nahi pasand??

             So, please USE CONDOMS DURING SEX IN NAVRATRI !!! Best of Luck to you and your partner. 



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Caspar said...

Hey Abhilash, gud work man. I came to know about your blog through Animesh Verma sir when he shared a link to your post via facebook. (Yeah I am also social)
I'll not criticise your writings b'coz the idea or the gist that comes out after a thorough reading of your blog is awesome.
This time you came up with a different plot, its just the demand for youth or "Young genre".
We've never met, never been f2f but still our ideas reach each other, Thanx to technology, thanx to internet, thanx to blogger of course.

I am new to blogger, and I have posted a few posts, just check them out at

Stay healthy and Keep Writing! Take care!

Rahul Chaubey said...

A good blog again...
thanx for giving this much information.

Writing Buddha said...

Hello Rahul... Great to see your comment . I never knew that Animesh sir has shared my link with others. I dont know how I missed this. And I am also happy that you had courage to come to my blog. hahaah... My blog is said to be controversial and I am very controversial amongst the blogger.. I dont know why but I am... I am happy that you are liking my blogs.. hope ull read me regularly.. Now Im going to turn on your blog and read them too... give me sometime..

Writing Buddha said...

@Rahul chaubey -

Haan bhaai to condom lagaa k hi aagey kuch karna.. aise khatraa hai..

hamaarethoughts.com said...

ya..It came on one of the Indian Channels in US ..as to what happens during Navratris and dandiyas.which is against our culture and conservative society..But looking at the western culture here..I guess there is Dadiyaa or navratri for them everyday!as they indulge into these acts!!

Writing Buddha said...

U r right mam.. Western culture is really exploited. Body is meant to keep it safe rather than distributing it to people.. People should start respecting themselves and their bodies.

Office cleaning chester said...

it is depend upon us that after dandia raas where we go & how to safe and control on sex. todeys generation is very educative so they can take decision own.Thanks......

Anonymous said...

sex mat karo

Unknown said...

LOL "milk tankers .." . :D

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Loved the article to read! :)

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Unknown said...

Thanks for share and nice article...

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