24 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Assignments - A Deadly Weapon !!!

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        Again the terrible days are back. Numerous assignments in my pockets to do and less time to complete and accomplish them. I just hate these days when I have to slog a lot just to complete assignments. I don't want my routine to be affected by any means of addition in my routine. I just hate when our teachers announces a big and huge assignment to us with a wicked smile and clamor the Deadline as we are going to get the best treat of our life on this day. I just hate this. I have no problem if teacher gives us the topic in the start of the term and give us a last date at that time itself. But some teacher are so intelligent and over-professional that they don't give any trouble to students for the whole term but as they see that only 1 week is remaining and then these students are going to get a long Preparation Leave, let them strive for this 1 week. And this 1 week seems to be like the biggest hell in our life. 

            My teachers has given us number of assignments. Everyone of them know that this will be very hard for students to do in this limited period of time. I just want to ask teachers that you have seen us for 6 months and you would be knowing our participation in the class activities, why do you need to give us an assignment to judge our potential? Even if you want to judge our potential through assignments, give us a justifiable period of time to show our real power and capabilities. Do you think that a child can show all his capabilities only in 1 night through preparing that assignment? You will never get the best even from the brightest student of the class. If your retaliation is that you want to see our modus operandi and our dedication and honesty towards our work and job and you want to match our honesty with our quest to meet the deadlines then I would say that Yes, we will complete the assignments on the Deadline but will we get something to learn from this? No !!! 

          A student will try once or twice or thrice or ten times to meet the deadline but once if he or she will realize that teachers are crossing the limit of torture, they will directly reply to you on the face-to-face conversation that if you want to cut my Internal marks, you are free for this but I am not going to strive madly for completing your useless assignment. We are 18 to 20 years old. I know that we are at the period when we should be made capable of facing all the disasters in the future while working in the organization but that doesn't means that you will overload us like a donkey. And if you really want to do this then also remember that Donkey kicks too. Be ready for the Kicks. Today, I and some of my classmates gathered together to complete our journal. We are blessed with 22 or 25 programs. We didn't wasted any time and we did it as fast as it was possible but in the whole day we succeeded to complete only 13 programs out of them. And this is just 1 subject. We have other 2 to 3 subject's assignment too. Can you imagine the stress we all are going through?

            I have nothing to say except this. I am in fultoo stress and thus I created this blog post today. Teachers, please think that even we are human beings. We aren't machine that just need greasing and it runs with the same accelerated speed. We are human being and even we need a break. I have nothing much to say now. 



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khimaanshu said...

Even I hate assignments!!..faculties judge d talent of students by giving assignments!!..

Writing Buddha said...

Faculties knows that we will be valued in this way. otherwise children will forget us.. lets trouble them.. and this is why they do this... no worry.. they vl b kicked.. hahaaha..

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