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Forever Is A Lie by Novoneel Chakraborty (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

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Though Novoneel is one of my favorite Indian pulp-fiction writer, I, still, end up reading his books months after its release. This is the first time that it has happened that I have read the book in the same month of its publishing. I have just ended up reading another thriller by him named “Forever is a lie”. If any one of the Indian authors who has really enhanced his skills and showed vast improvement since his/her 1st book, its none other than Novoneel. His books leave such an impact that even after you are done with it, you keep thinking about it. Same has been the case after reading FIAL. I am more impatient after reading it because the last three words of the book are “To be continued”. This is what I had not assumed that the book must be having a sequel otherwise I had waited for the whole part to release like I did at the time of Stranger trilogy.

Novoneel’s narration is perfect which makes the timeline understandable to the reader in spite of it being little messy in the beginning. The “Mean Monster” thing sounds quite cheesy and unrealistic but the way author handles it immediately before it pisses off the reader is great. The revelation of the real personality behind this name is what starts making this book magical. The chemistry between him and Prisha Srivastav, the protagonist of the book, is nicely portrayed in the movie and it all sounds genuine irrespective of the childishness of Prisha and maturity of the Mean Monster. The philosophical quotes shared in between of the story in voice of any of the characters are again why I love Novoneel’s books.

The suspense part that has still not revealed in this book is the only drawback of the book. A reader feels cheated when he is not told that the book is 1st part of the many to come in future or the main revelation of this part of the story is also left for the 2nd part of it. I felt the same in the climax when I didn’t get to know anything about a character that is kept hidden from the readers. Though I know that the 2nd part will amaze me a lot, I had expected at least some conclusion with this book. Anyways, talking about the anti-climax and climax, it has been beautifully summed up with some fast-paced events which excite you. It is like an orgasm for the readers. Haha! I felt the first goose bump the moment a paragraph tells about something happening at Mean Monster’s home which is not done by him. That itself thrilled me. Rest of the book has just been plus after that. I give this book 3.5* out of 5 as of now because it didn’t deliver the conclusion. Looking out desperately for the 2nd part of this book.



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