1 August 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

8th Anniversary of Blogging!!!

1585th BLOG POST -->>

On 31st July, 2009, just exploring something on Orkut.com, I landed up on another service provided by Google and ended up writing my first ever Blog Post just out of curiosity to understand this new medium. Not even once did I have a clue that this journey would become such an integral part of my life and in some phases, my life itself. Now, it has become one of the attached parts of my life which can never be parted away from me. Though I would come here just for once in a year but this will always stay a part of my life where I will surely drop to unload all my burdens.

There have been times in my life when I do not blog for a long period of time due to some circumstances where I have to devote myself a lot or in some stressful period where I have nothing positive to share. I feel even more weak during such periods because of the disconnect with the writing part of my soul and the stagnancy of my blog posts makes me feel more depressed and sick. It is only when I return back to blogging do I feel energized, ecstatic, inspired and motivated. Just like recently when I was not blogging at all but the last month of July has been really special for me since I started blogging again like my previously-known routine where I slept only for 3-4 hours to make sure that I do not sleep without talking about what I have in my mind.

This Blog has been reason for many achievements and special privileges that has been granted to me in life. I never discuss my blogging with anyone by myself but there comes a time when a person knowing me drops on my blogging site and discusses this with me in detail. After that conversation, I find that person little more closer to me as after reading few of my posts the person starts feeling that he knows me far more better than anyone else around. I have gotten many good friends due to this. I have gotten many privileges in my college life because the faculties and classmates knew about my Blogging activities. Similarly, in my professional life too, this has been of a great advantage and got me change my department itself.

What more can a Blogger or Writer-by-heart ask? I am not a grammar nazi or someone who speaks world-class English but my thoughts and opinions are something that people connect with because of which this blog has been able to hold few readers since last 8 years. Never did I realize that I would continue blogging for 8 years with an average of 200 blog posts each year. Unbelievable! I have shared many personal events, thoughts, opinions, creative pieces, photographs etc. on this medium which has made this a very personal part of my life. Anyone who is a regular here will always find me closer to him/her and same goes from my side too. Whenever a reader of my work mails, messages or comments me, I feel as if I have met a long-lost friend whom I had been searching for a long period of time who knows about all my secrets and has a direct way to my heart.

I would like to thank each and every person who have ever tried to contribute to this medium through their help in making it popular and well-known. I have never invested to make this medium popular but whatever it has achieved till today is only because of all of you who have shared the articles with your friends on Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook and made them know my blog and me. The 9th year of Blogging journey begin from today and I promise myself that whenever I will feel that life is trying to unfriend me, I will drop here to speak my mind and emote everything I have in my heart rather than getting isolated and more detached from my writing space. A very happy 8th Blogiversary to my Blog and all the readers attached with it.



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