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I remember my childhood when I met my friends every day in school bus. We became friends with each other in it. We fought many times in the school bus and playground. We patched up again there itself. We complained about what we didn’t like about them in front of their face. Whenever two people fell in love with each other and proposed about it, it happened face to face with no intervention of anyone. Even when they fought because of some issues, they fought by meeting with each other. Even when someone wanted to convey something to a person and didn’t have courage to do so, they passed the message through a common friend. Whenever we decided to meet somewhere, we decided the whole plan a day before and then met at the decided location at the exact time. Everything was so perfect when it came to displaying our emotions or conveying something. It was so simple, straight and personal.

With the advent of technology, people have stopped communicating the most important thing with their dear ones by meeting personally or even on call. Earlier, it started happening through mails, then online chatting applications, then SMSes and now it’s all about Whatsapp. Even the marriage is being proposed on Whatsapp. Until and unless you are not conveying your deepest emotions or problems with someone by seeing into their eyes and reading their facial expressions, you are never going to receive the same response that you have expected from your social life. Even if someone is trying to convey something to you very touchy, ask him/her to meet you the very next day or whatever is possible at the earliest, and then tell the whole thing.

Every time, I am talking with someone through a Mobile device or Laptop, I do not feel as if I am talking with the same person I know. I feel every person is the same whenever I am communicating through the device. I feel as if I am talking with the device rather than with the person. With so much of over-consumption of technology, now people are not even conveying their message to the respective person by directly instantly messaging to them but slying them through Quotes or Status Updates on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp Statuses. If that is how you believe that the person on the other side is going to understand your feelings, best of luck to you.

There are so many people whom we want to convey our message through text only, why don’t you prefer writing a hand-written note to them? I remember the letters I have written to my cousin sisters earlier when I wanted to convey how important she is to me and she did the same in return. Those letters are such a personal touch that no one can take away that emotion from me. Whereas I must have received many great messages from my friends on Whatsapp and Facebook telling me how great a friend I am but it all seemed to be a copy-pasted thing. The friends who have said it to me personally are the ones with whom I never had any problems ever because the love was displayed in each other’s presence. I remember a letter that I had written for Mr. Amish Tripathi, the bestseller author, when I was to meet him for the first time. That one letter had so much of effect on him that he still remembers me even if he finds me in an event between crowds.

Do remember that there is nothing bigger than personal touch in relationship. These technologies are great only for formal communication. The informal communication has to be done by meeting or if you want something of yours to stay with them for life, do something handwritten. Do not make technology the medium to communicate your heart to someone. Don’t fear rejection. Facing rejection is what makes you fearless and bold and thus, improves your communication skills. Just to teach these skills, these MBA institutes charge 8 lacs an annum. Isn’t it? So next time try meeting with the person you want to say something, good or bad, but say face to face. These technologies are known for making people offline more than keeping them online. J



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