11 August 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

How it feels to know that we can never be together with someone forever....

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In my childhood whenever I used to go out to play, I used to be very happy, delighted yet emotional. I was often not sent in evening to play with my friends because my parents believed that I never return back home on time. They say that I even used to play with puppies when I found no human being around me. Though I don’t believe them but I still do not doubt my weirdness. When I used to play Cricket with my friends, as I have mentioned above, I liked the whole setting of amazing breeze in the evening, my best friends fielding besides me and having fun and dig at someone, our crushes walking on the road just besides the ground etc. But along with this, a thought always ran through my mind that very soon it will be 8 PM and I won’t have this amazing moment anymore with me. That thought didn’t let me enjoy the togetherness of that evening with my friends because I didn’t even have the confirmation if I would be coming tomorrow again to play as my parents stopped me for studying at home only.

It was childhood and I believed that I must be doing something wrong to not have confirmation about something to be mine forever irrespective of knowing how much I believed in it. Now, when I am grown up, and I see how the situations and circumstances of life makes us helpless to see our favorite thing, moment or person go away from us in front of our eyes yet we are unable to do anything about it. We can only see it disappearing and weep for it. I have found many people around me who didn’t like the latest SRK starrer Jab Harry met Sejal. But I connected very well with the movie because I have been in such relationship(s) where I knew that I won’t be able to maintain this forever and it will end up anytime sooner but still, I loved that relationship more than anything in life.

It is one of the most difficult situations we can face in life when we like someone, we are with them and still not happy because we know that this is not going to last longer and this person will move on irrespective of his/her own liking towards me. There can be nothing more painful than this. What can be more traumatic and psychic than missing someone even when they are present with us and we are having one of the best moments of our life? There are also moments when you consider someone as your best friend but the person does not consider you that important in his/her life. And when you see them planning for something special with someone else and not you, that moment irrespective of knowing that we are with them, we know that we will not be anymore as the friend is inclined towards someone else more devotedly.

On a lighter note, someone who had a great hang-out sessions with his friend circles immediately gets engaged, he knows that these moments that I am enjoying with my friends are one of the best events of my life but still there is a loneliness in his heart as he knows that it is about to end soon. Similarly, brothers feel it with their sisters knowing that though both of them love and care for each other and can’t spend time without each other, they cannot rely on it for life because sister will get married and move on to another family. These are the difficult times knowing that the relationship and moment is here with us for which we have always desired and quested yet it will get over soon and not going to stay with us forever. 

Since childhood, we need something only for us and believe that no one will take it away from us. But in adulthood, believing the same causes so much of realizations and pain that we start hating our destiny and life. It is in these moments that we have to keep our heart strong and understand the realities of life that there are only few things that are meant for us while there are many things which are just temporary- Either our best times or our best relationships or even our best feeling about something. When Life is itself temporary, how can we, a human being, expect permanence of something? Let’s face the truth of life and start living stronger.



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