8 August 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Why make your EMOTIONS a Public Property?

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If there is something through which people identify you is the emotion they have towards you. We often believe that people define us the way they feel about us but if you will go into depth and start decoding everything from the result to origin, you will realize that it’s only what you have fed their mind through your emotions have turned into their emotions towards us. Confusing, isn’t it? A human being if lives 100 hours of stressful or upsetting moments, the 99 hours of them are about how someone else have reacted to his situation, feelings or circumstances. And when such amount of our stressful times are because of only one thing that bothers us, it is worthy enough to focus on what’s exactly wrong with it.

And after following meditation practices and things alike, I have understood that solution for all the problems are within us. It is only waiting for us to realize and find it. Finding it is the biggest challenge but once found, correcting is the easiest task if you are determined enough. There are times when we are extremely emotional and the only thing that comes in our mind at that point of period is to emote our self in front of everyone or someone. Because we are already in the terrible state of mind, we do not think about the repercussions it would have. We just want sympathy from someone for our problem. And when we see at least one person saying that we are genuinely in trouble and how much are we suffering, our heart gets the most satisfaction then. The question here is, why do we yearn for someone’s sympathy to feel better about us? It is only we who can satisfy the deepest core of our emotions and no one else.

Remember that the moment you decide to spread your inner emotion with people, the emotion does not belong to you anymore. It becomes a public affair. Now it is in hands of people to decide if you can free yourself from that emotion or not. Till the time the emotion was with you, you had full control of it. But when you decide to pass it on to someone else, you give the remote control to that person fully. Either you are happy, sad, frustrated, destroyed, heart-broken, delighted, ecstatic, joyful, angry, nervous, jealous etc, the moment you let the world know about it, you are no more in control to part yourself from that emotion all by yourself.

Hence, whenever you feel something within you strongly- either positive for your state of mind or negative, never let the world know if you believe that you need to move away from the emotion after a point of time. If the world knows you are sad, and if you want to be happy after a point of time, they will make sure that you are been reminded of your sorrow at the crucial point of time which takes you back to the starting point of safeguarding your heart and mind from negative thoughts. Similarly, if you tell the people about your happiness, in the moment of your sadness after losing the same reason of happiness, people will start reminding you of it. This will make you feel less better about it and more blank and empty about losing the reason of your happiness. Hence, next time you take a decision in letting the world know about your inner emotion, THINK, THINK and THINK and finally STOP from expressing your emotions to the world and giving the remote control to them.



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