7 August 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Is Friendship about being a Friend or expecting Friend to be a Friend?

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Like each other, even this year, almost everyone in my social websites’ network celebrated Friendship day by meeting their friends and planning a day-out while I, like every year, spent the day without a single friend alone at home.  I met with a friend but it was with a totally different purpose which had nothing to do with Friendship Day. These days are always said to be neglected because people believe that its about relationship which is dealt with every day and there is no specific day which can be allotted for the same. But I believe such days should be kept because it gives a reality check to you if you really value the relationship or it is just for name sake in your life. If the prominence of the relationship has gone down in your life, such days enlighten you towards it and makes your approach change and you finally take a step further to celebrate your relationship with that person and tell the world about the importance of it in your life.

I have mostly written against Friendship day on my portal for the sole reason that I feel friendship should be celebrated up to a level after which it should be kept aside to focus on ourselves and primary goals which will actually reflect the value of your life in future. I have seen my generation spending so much time with their friends that they have never sat alone to realize what they are, who they are, what their potential is, what do they actually wish to do in life etc. Such approach towards friendship is a total waste and your friend himself will leave you after seeing your desperation towards running away from your life and trying to associate each moment of yours with someone else without taking responsibility on your own shoulders.

I felt bad throughout the day thinking about how the three best friends I have didn’t even plan out something as it has always been me in recent weeks who have set up the plan otherwise everyone loves to stay busy in their lives. But by the end of the day I realized that friendship is not what you expect from someone. You can give as much as possible in friendship but expecting the same in return is like treating it as barter. When you love someone, it surely hurts and it’s good to suffer pain at times as it makes you a stronger person than yesterday with more patience of handling things. If I believe these three people are my best friends who have actually created a special place in my heart, I should always stand for them whenever they are in trouble which I mostly try to do. But expecting that these three or any of my friends would understand my unsaid emotions and treat me by asking for a meet-up or some surprises is utterly rubbish.

The failure in relationships is only because of believing that our emotions will be automatically read by a particular person and he will go all the way up and down to make sure that they turn as happy. No! The first rule to stay happy in life is to not be possessive about anyone. Let it be your friend who has even tried to give away his life to save yours or vice-versa. Remember that some situations make people do things for you. Do not take it as a compliment believing that the person will die for you so you own him/her more than anyone else. Leaving this person when he wants to shows how good a friend you are. And only try to be that in your life rather than expecting things from your friends and feeling ugly about Friendships after disappointments. So, a Happy Friendship Day to all of you and do make sure that you are a good friend always rather than running behind your friends’ life in making them believe that they are only yours and they should always remain around you. If that’s the case, then I will have to wish you a very Unhappy Friendship Day as I had spent the first half of my day feeling the same. Haha! That’s all on this special day.



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