16 August 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

1600* BLOGS in 2939 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

1600th BLOG POST-->>

1600th BLOG POST

Today is my 2939th Day of Blogging and I am writing my 1600th Blog Post. If I have ever been able to do something with quite dedication and regularity in life, there’s nothing above Blogging. The 9th year of Blogging is on and I feel quite unbelievable thinking that I have written around 1.5 million words i.e. like writing more than 20 novels. I never wished to become a writer but I wanted to speak about things and share anything I know or feel with people around me. Unfortunately, when I came to Mumbai, I found myself moving towards loneliness and hence, never found any friends or people around me to tell everything that came into my mind. But the mess could not have been kept within me for long. I was already overcoming from a psychic attack and didn’t want to get back to that. Haha! So, somehow, I got to learn about Blogging and I started with it without thinking where it would lead me to.

After living in influence of this for more than 70,000 hours of my life, I can say that it has become an identity for me. There are more people who know my blog than me. It says enough about the impact this has made upon my life. Every night, when I come home after office, or earlier from college, I have so much in my mind that I cannot sleep without writing something or even reading. When I feel like writing, I just blog about anything personal while when I feel like reading, I read something and post a review of it. I do not endorse myself as a Book Reviewer as it is a very big shoe to fit myself in. I just want reading to become a regular habit for people as it gives you the peace and serenity that you wish to conquer by going at far-away places. When you read something, you are in a different world all-together. It happens so many times that I read a book in train and people around me in Local knows the station I get down at and they poke me to come out of my reader’s paradise and move my ass to go to the most unwelcoming place ever- Office. Haha!

It has taken me almost one year to achieve another century but I do not regret. I was in a totally different zone since a year. I got introduced to the spiritual world after reading few books on it and then Youtube accomplished whatever was left for me to know about it. Since then I have either done spiritual practices without anyone’s notice, heard spiritual awakening music and songs, watched spiritual enlightenment videos, met few spiritual people and learnt how they got in spirituality etc. I must tell that the last one year has been the most confused year for me. For once, I was committed with something and then I totally lost it. For once, I felt that my Friendship has become stronger than ever and all of a sudden, I am almost friendless. For once, I got a position and I rejected it and then now, I am working for the same designation. For once, I was earning a meager amount and now, I am earning almost double of it. Life has changed altogether.

The spiritual practices have made me realize that the happiness can only be found within me. Expecting anything from anyone is like asking nature to act according to you. It is like asking sun to rise in night and asking moon to beautify the sky in noon. I now understood that both- sun and moon is within us and it is upon our will to feel whatever we wish to feel at any point of time throughout the day. My life has become the purpose to find the God within me and reach the zenith of being a Yogi and identify the ecstasy and the feeling of real bliss as soon as possible. There are many more tough decisions that I will have to take to get closer to who I am. The feeling of something being absent in life never goes away and that’s the reason why people love sad songs. I love ghazals because it is about what we have finally understood about life. The poverty of mind and soul has to be enriched with the help of silence and loneliness.

Being spiritual does not mean that material world does not matter anything to me. Being spiritual in this fast-paced world makes us the survivor otherwise the nature and world will always control our emotions. They will have the guts to make us angry, frustrated, nervous, sad, egoistic etc. Why to give control of my life to anyone else when I can’t afford it anymore? There is so much that I want to do in my Professional and Blogging career which is a part of materialistic world but the spirituality is showing me the way how to cross the hurdles with smile, silence, peace and joy. We have celebrated our Independence Day just yesterday and the best thing our country has given to the world is the concept of Yoga, meditation and mathematics. If we do not experience the same being an Indian, what’s the use of getting birth in this divine place of Godliness?

On the occasion of my 1600th Blog Post, I just want to ask all of you to buy out some time from your so-called busy life and be with yourself. Initially, you will feel depressed and lonely but once you start entering the world of cosmos within you, you will realize the unlimited energies you carry within you. You will then be able to guide your mind as per your will and not let yourself go as per your mind’s commands. Become the winner of your life rather than losing against external factors which has nothing to do with your inner feelings and mood. Stop blaming others and try to become the reason of everything good and bad that happens with you.

Talking about my blog, I would say that the frequency is getting slower years by years because the time of reaching home is getting extended gradually which does not allow me to stay awake all night like my college days and keep on blogging. Now, I have to manage many things understanding that job is priority. Being as much spiritual as possible is a totally different concept, but if you have to be part of this materialistic world, money matters and hence first priority has to be given to it irrespective of whatever passion and interest we hold. Only after the basics are secured can we move in directions that really make us feel blessed and powerful within ourselves. I promise all my readers that the Blog is to stay here forever irrespective of my mortality. Thanks for staying in touch for all these years and I hope your support will keep making this platform shine always. I am in awe of every reader’s selflessness towards me. Om Sai Ram!!!



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