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Review: Munna Michael: The weakest dance-based movie! *

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When I watched “Heropanti” and saw Tiger Shroff for the first time on the screen, I was very impressed. Though his face is not what is expected of a Bollywood lead actor, his voice, his dialogue delivery and his dancing moves are enough to sustain him in the industry. I watched Munna Michael recently which is directed by Shabbir Khan who also debuted with Heropanti. The film stars Tiger and for a surprise, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The film is expected to be comic considering Tiger is teaching Nawazuddin how to dance. The only time when the movie is funny is when Nawaz speaks few dialogues in his trademark style and accent. Otherwise it is all about running away from the script.

Whenever Tiger Shroff is cast in a movie, the directors has the same attitude of showing something for 15-20 minutes and then show a song with a wonderful dance sequence with Tiger showing his moves and abs and so on. The same has been the approach in Munna Michael too. The movie is about how Ronit Roy who plays a chorus dancer is exited from a movie’s shoot because his dancing style has become old. This makes him believe that dancing is not good for choosing it as a career. He imposes the same rule on the child whom he picks up from road and adopts to not to follow dancing as passion but obviously, the child grows into Tiger Shroff and knows nothing better than dancing. Later on, he gets in contact with Nawazuddin Siddique who is a hooligan because of an incident and gets offered to teach him dance. Later on, both the actors fall in love with the same girl, played by Nidhhi Agerwal, a debutante.

The film is very obvious and you know even the climax from the interval time itself. Talking about the performances, leaving Tiger Shroff and the debutante, Nidhhi Agerwal, everyone seems to be sleep-walking throughout the movie with disinterest obvious from their body language. Not one scene creates an impact upon you as an audience. Even the web series on Youtube has 100x times more impact upon the viewer. The only scenes that create some excitement is when Nawaz gets to know that Tiger has found his love interest yet not revealed it to him.

Talking about the performances, Tiger Shroff has done exactly the same what he has done in all his previous movies. Nidhhi Agerwal is quite similar to Kriti Sanon in terms of acting but she is extremely beautiful and fresh to be a part of this new Bollywood brigade. She has surely left her footprints behind. Nawazuddin Siddique is given a role which is far lesser than the caliber he has which makes him look very weird doing the stuffs which he has been made to. But still, only the dialogues given to him makes you laugh at few points. He is a savior for every such movie. The songs are forgettable. The locations and cinematography are also okay-ish. Overall, a movie that should be missed for your own good. Haha! I give it 1 star out of 5.



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