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Review: Sarkar 3: Seems to be remake of Sarkar! ***

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I do not think anyone is a bigger fan of post-2000 Amitabh Bachchan than me. Since, he returned back in the industry with his white French beard, I have always looked forward to his films because of his Godly and divine presence in the movies. I remember when in 2005, Sarkar got released, I was in 10th std. and I loved the character so much that every time a friend visited my home, I would ask them to see the movie with me because Amitabh Bachchan performed at his best in it. He was flawless, perfect, divine, and grand and in a role that best suited him. Even the rising of Abhishek Bachchan was nicely imbibed in the movie which made even his acting look good. I didn’t like Sarkar Raj as much as I liked Sarkar. And now after 12 years since the 1st part of the series released, Sarkar 3 got released and how wonderful it is to watch Bachchan in the same avatar with which he marked his presence in 2005.

The story in S3 moves more internal than external just like the 1st part where the two brothers are always at loggerheads against each other. Here, in this movie, takes entry the grandson of Sarkaar (the son of his eldest son, played by KK Menon in Sarkar). He loves and hates Sarkar equally but still wants to work with him as a team. He is quite aggressive and eyes to become the one after Sarkar. But the problem is that Sarkar already has a confidential and lieutenant in the form of Gokul (played by Ronit Roy) who seems to be the next after Sarkar to everyone. Here starts the ego clash between the grandson and Gokul which makes the life of Sarkar troublesome.

The first half of the movie is about showing Sarkar in his terrific form still after the death of both his sons. He is still the same aggressive old man irrespective of all the tragedies that he has in his heart. He does not shy away from saying “NO” on the face of the person who is complimenting him from the last 15 minutes. The movie is a thriller which opens all the facts in the end. The climax is not that much of a shocker but it isn’t fully predictable too. RGV should be applauded for bringing together such a cast which we do not see much nowadays in Bollywood. The first scene of Manoj Bajpayee is so magical that you can’t forget it even after finishing the movie. Jackie Shroff, Amit Sadh are just fine in their role. Ronit Roy has given one of his power-packed performances. Yami Gautam looks extremely beautiful and does okay with her role. Rest all the actors have contributed well.

The background music of Govinda-Govinda still makes you feel goose bumps. The camera angle still makes you feel scared of what the next step is all going to be about. The only problem is that the villains in this movie are more funny than evil which makes the task of Sarkar look very easy when compared to the first two parts. That’s the only reason why Sarkar 3 is not that effective irrespective of being what it should have been. RGV looks in his touch with this movie and you can expect his great return very soon. Overall, Sarkar 3 is a good one-time watch but does not have repeat value like the first one in the series. I give this movie 3 star out of 5.



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