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Review: Toilet- Ek Prem Katha: Serves the Purpose! ***½

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There used to be a time whenever a new poster of Akshay Kumar’s movie got released, people would say that another mindless movie has come to ruin our time. There was an era when Akshay did back to back movies and people were mad about it as no other actor did the way he knew the art of it. Then he started blending comedy in his action movies and after a point of time, he almost replaced Govinda in film industry and never let anyone miss him. His comedy movies are enough on the list which are actually watchable and has repeat value. And then he started making comedy movies which needed no brain to watch which started frustrating his fans. And recently, he has learnt how to blend comedy with a social-message driven movie which can actually bring a small change in society through his light films. In the same genre comes his latest movie, “Toilet- Ek Prem Katha” which is doing very well at Box Office.

TEPK is about the problem of toilets in India about which even the national campaign is going on since BJP government has come into power. There are almost 52% of Indians who do not have toilet in their home because of which they either go out of their home to defecate in public or queue in at some public toilet which starts stinking after a point of time due to regular usage and no break time to clean it. The film talks about a man in his late years getting married to a well-educated girl who comes to know on her 1st morning of marriage that the house has no toilets. She is unable to accept the fact and leaves her husband asking him to make a toilet at his home to bring her back. The movie is about how this man then fights against his village, family and nation to get a toilet built in his house premises.

The first half is entertaining as it does not get to the serious purpose and only discusses about the characters and how the lead characters fall in love with each other. There are many laughing moments there. In the 2nd half, the movie gets a little serious and also stretchy, I must say. I believe that the 2nd half could have been cut short by 15-20 minutes easily. But the rebel shown by the character of Akshay Kumar looks realistic on screen and he does everything that you expect from the character to do. Though the movie looks agenda-driven as said by many BJP haters but the cause is nicely portrayed in the movie and will surely raise awareness in the villages that does not believe in maintaining toilets.

Talking about the performances, Akshay Kumar seems to have come out from his great performance in Jolly LLB 2 and delivers another potential character here. He manages to make you smile and cry at his well throughout the movie. He stands true on the expectations. Bhumi Pednekar has played her part immensely well and tells about the multi-facet character she can play in movies. Divyendu Sharma has does a great job as a supporting actor and makes you giggle with his one-liner dialogues. Rest, all the supporting casts are okay. The songs are in sync with the movie. The dialogues are powerful. The movie also has repeat value which makes it one of the best movies of the year. I give this movie 3.5 star out of 5.



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