3 August 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

My 2nd Job Anniversary!!!

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3rd August, 2015 was the first day of my professional life. I still remember the swollen face with which I attended my first day. As the last 7 months of college was all about being at home and creating an internship project, the sleeping and waking time screwed the whole body cycle which made it one of a hell task to wake up early in the morning on the first day of office. The nervousness made my face look even more non-committal. As soon as I entered the office, I was introduced to the project on which I had to work as a Software Tester. I, who always saw small projects in life, was stunned to see a project of that dimension where the linkages and flow was not ending only. It took me almost 2 days to understand just the basic flow of it. I had signed a bond of 2 Years which scared me like anything imagining myself working on such vast projects and handling it myself in case when the seniors would leave the organization. But all went well and I got confirmed after 6 months of Probation period.

And that changed the whole thing for me. I became confident and made sure that I would never say NO to anything that will come towards me in this organization for any tenure that I would be staying here. And I did exactly that. Today, I have completed 2 years of my professional life and looking back and at my present, I can say that whatever your organization is, however kind of Organizational Politics that takes place in your company, whatever kind of people you have around you as peers, you can achieve what you set as your goal and no one else can hide or overshadow your skills and talents if you are really a step ahead than what you were yesterday.

In the last two years, I have worked in my organization as Software Tester, also helped my MD with SEO for two months on a very small level, and then worked as an Application Support for 3 months due to some internal issues and finally now, I am working as a Business Analyst. This journey from being just a Software Tester to being a Business Analyst in an IT company in the last 2 years has taught me that one can move in any profile if one believes that he/she can. A little extra efforts than others in your department can showcase your capabilities to your peer and even to the management. Just after becoming an Analyst, I got an opportunity to attend client meeting on the 2nd day itself with my seniors which made me believe that when you desire to experience and learn something new, automatically the law of attraction works and you get to live the kind of Corporate Life you always wanted to. I am enough lucky, that’s the only thing I can say.

I recently got the first appraisal of my life and it was among the highest slot of the organization. Along with that, I got the promotion as mentioned above. What more can one expect in just the 2nd year of his career? I am overwhelmed with whatever is happening with me and my sole goal remains to grow personally irrespective of whatever my organization believes me to do. It is not always that our goal is same as organization but the thought process should be the same- in whatever you do, your package should justify your efforts. And if you do more than that, nothing can stop you from growing even if your goal does not align with that of organizations’. Actually, it must!

In the last 730 days of my tenure, I have taken only 14 days leave and not one of them is unplanned. I always made it sure that the team I am working with should be assured that no matter what; Abhilash is coming to the office on time, even if no one is turning out. This has helped in creating a strong bond with my team and this trust value that you imbibe gives a lot in return. I owe a lot of my professional successes to my organization that always believed in me and gave me roles and responsibilities that were a level up than my current position. When I was QA, they asked me to perform SEO and BA tasks. When I switched to BA profile, they asked me to do App. Support’s task. And now when I am officially moved to BA profile, I am given a new project altogether. And whatever failures I have faced and I would be facing, I owe that to my lack of commitment or capabilities. That’s all I have to say on completing 2 years of my professional life. Thanks to everyone who supported me in this tenure. Just stay by, all I can ask today.



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