3 September 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Trapped: Loved being trapped in this movie! ****

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I used to hear my parents talk about some old classic movies which are shot for the whole 2 hours and more within a closed room or traditional haveli. As my interest is not much in watching the old movies again, I got such an experience for the first time while watching Bheja Fry and it was such a laugh-riot. And today I experienced the same concept in a recently released “Trapped” starring Rajkummar Rao. I don’t think this movie is ever going to be forgotten by me. What an impact it has left behind! The Director, Vikramaditya Motwane, does a terrific job and leaves you thinking about what you would do in such a situation.

The simple plot and the limitations that it had never looks like a challenge for the film-makers as an audience as they have treated it so well for 100 minutes that you never feel bored or find anything repetitive. The angst and helplessness still a hope in the eyes and body language of the actor makes you vouch for him and you feel so much pained just looking at each frame that the movie becomes part of your soul after few minutes itself. The movie shows how a boy gets trapped in a flat at 35th floor in a busy city like Mumbai yet there is no one to notice him for a week and how he keeps on putting efforts in every possible way to get out of the room.

The best part is that the filmmakers didn’t make anything look funny and illogical. Every attempt by the protagonist to break down the barriers and free himself looks genuine and you support him as if it’s some sports and your favorite team is in the finale. The movie makes you understand the value of everything that you have in life and small liberties that you have which you never realize or appreciate. The feeling throughout the movie and after the climax is why this movie is a modern-time classic. Rajkummar Rao makes his ordinary personality his power and plays this part so flawlessly that you can feel every emotion of his. This is one of the best performances in the recent times. The direction is the winner here. Treating such a subject so convincingly needs utmost talent. I give this movie 4 star out of 5. Recommended!



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