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Review: Lipstick under my Burkha: A very well-made movie! ***½

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When I heard about the movie “Lipstick under my Burkha”, I had assumed it to be a movie preachy enough to bore me to death. Also, when I saw it promo, I over-assumed it to be enough boring to make me watch some documentary on the same topic than this movie. But after watching it last evening, I must say it is a very beautifully made movie which has managed somehow to get it released in theater in spite of so much of arguments it had with Censor board. The movie talks about how the desires of women are kept hidden and limited because of the society. For everything a woman wishes to do, she either has to seek permission from a man or be scared of the judgments from the society.

The four characters portrayed in the movie are based in Bhopal and speaks of each one of them going through different problems. The character of Konkana Sen Sharma is about just being treated as a sexual object by her husband who warms his bed every day irrespective of her approval or not. She does job of saleswoman without telling her husband about it. The character of Ahana is about a girl who uses her charm and sexuality to treat boys as per her will. Ratna Pathak’s character is about how even old women fantasizes about being in sexual relationship with young boys but keeping in mind about society they try to find alternatives. The character of Plabita talks about how this girl in an orthodox Muslim family dreams of following fashion style like an International star but have to wear Burkha and go out daily.

The problems of each character are so intense and realistic that you can relate with it. Though we have not come in direct association with any of the discussed issues of the women but still we know that such desires of women exist. The best part about the movie is that they have not tried being too feminist by showing women as rebellious or disrespectful. They have kept the behavior and reactions realistic and genuine. The anti-climax and climax are just wonderfully treated and the last scene is so serene that I don’t think I can ever take it away from my mind. Lipstick Under My Burkha is one such experiential movie that I endorse it and wish that such movies are regularly made with messages and still not being preachy even in one dialogue itself. Specially mentioning- I liked the way Ratna Pathak reads the erotic book in the background when the central characters go through tough moments. I give this movie 3.5 star out of 5.



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