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Review: Hindi Medium: Wonderfully executed movie! ***½

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There are very few movies in Hindi film industry which can deal with a serious subject by making a commercial movie that also entertains the audience. Raju Hirani has been able to create such movies regularly which speak about one or the other social issues of our contemporary society along with multiple laughter moments that are better than the so-called comedy movies. On the similar lines, recently a movie got released called Hindi Medium. Though it was released with Half Girlfriend, it did better than it even after not having elite casting. The film starring Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar is a treat to watch indeed.

Hindi Medium speaks about the current mindset of people where the ones speaking English are considered to be respectable and dignified while the Hindi-speaking class is considered to be low grade and still under-developed. In the quest of getting their daughter admitted in the most elite school of the area, the parents go to any level to make it possible even leaving their home and living with the poor people in slums of Delhi. The wife is always embarrassed by her husband as he is not from English background and keeps on making mistakes my talking in his unsophisticated and simple manner which is not what this English-speaking society likes. While wife is always in continuous efforts to reach the lifestyle and standard of these people so that her family can stand in equals with them.

The second half of the movie moves ahead from this and starts talking about how the exploitation really takes place and the climax is all about self-realization. The story is very well written by the writers and does not make you feel bored at any moment. The editing is perfectly done which makes you sit throughout the movie with the same excitement and chill. The dialogues and one-liners are spot-on and when you have Irrfan Khan in a movie, you can already claim about this. The performances are great by both, Irrfan and Saba along with all the supporting actors. Deepak Dobriyal, once again, makes people feel his emotions and few of his scenes will keep you teary-eyed and think about him for a long time. The subject that the makers wanted to make the people aware of is perfectly done with this movie. I rate it 3.5 stars out of 5. The film is out on DVD. Do get it soon.



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