22 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

And Anant Chaturthi reminded me the lesson!!!

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      Recently, one of the most celebrate festival of Maharashtra ended. Ganesh Chaturthi. If you want to see heaven, just turn to the cities like Pune and Mumbai for these 10 days. It has always been very astonishing for me to understand the faith and trust and devotion of people in God that makes them stand in line for hours to get just a glance of an idol. I believe in trusting just one idol and that too, the one which is permanent. Rooted in some temple or the one at my home. But the concept of Visarjan is to make people realize that all good things has to go one day. Every thing that comes for our good is also destined to leave us. It teaches us a lesson that generally, we, human beings, fail to understand. We have the tendency of accepting only positive nods but any thing thats against our wish, we fail to understand and accept it as a part of life. A human being only needs win against loss, good against bad and acception against rejection. But festivals as this helps us to understand the real meaning of life.

                   I remember the time when I was leaving home for hostel, I was crying every now and then. Pune was a new city for me and I just didnt want to go there. And on the terms of leaving my parents and going there, oh come on, that was nothing beyong hell to me. Later on, my father resigned the company and I realized that I have also left my childhood friends behind. And then the series of changing cities began. Finally it has come to a halt here at Mumbai. As it is said, jisko ek baar yahaan ki hawa lag gayi toh wo is seher ko kabhi chchod nahi sakta. Its now that I realize that leaving all those friends and people behind was necessary. If I would have got emotional and had taken a decision of being with them I would not have seen the great life that I am living today. Even while leaving my graduation friends behind, I was feeling tremendously bad. But now I realize that life would have got stagnant and boring with them if I would have passed just a month more with them. Now I dont even feel like meeting any one of them. They are a part of past, that's true but in future, the company of them could have been regressive.

                Its hard to accept the truth that the thing we loved once will never be with us anymore but with time, every wound gets healed. So we should remain adamant when we know that leaving something will take us higher, in any case, our decisions shouldn't change. We should leave the environment, people, comfort and go for the hiking, that's tough and difficult but its something that provides comfort and ease for life. When I meet great celebrities whom I am in awe for, I start feeling bad when the time comes to leave. Even the celebrities know that the person standing with me is in tears from within but they know the factuals of life. For them this is the standard of life that has to be followed. Otherwise, they meet new fans every day and if they start getting attached to each one of them, their progress will stop. 

                   Let me give a very simple example to you. When you watch your favorite reality show or a daily soap, you start feeling bad as soon as the last break gets over that the show for today will end. But you know, this has to be left today in order to watch something new tomorrow. If you'll stick to the show and won't let it end, you will never get to see the next episode. Whenever I come to Mall with my friends and as soon as I see that the time has crossed 7 PM and its time to leave, my face starts showing my heart's sadness but I know, in order to let this meeting continue in future too, this has to end today and at the moment. Such is life and one has to accept it. There is almost 3.5 semesters left for my Post-Graduation to end but I have started feeling bad from now only. I am loving my college life and I dont want it to end. Probably, I am the only person of this age who will say that I want to study and I'm not interested in doing a job. The day when I would be knowing is the last official day of lectures in MCA, will be one of the days when I am going to cry. I generally dont cry soon. Only when pain has gotten into the soul and heart suddenly. But then, I know that a wonderful life is awaiting Post-PG for me. So to avail the liberty of that life, I will have to get away from the clutches of present. 

                 Yesterday itself, the co-ordinators of my society came to take the contribution for 9 days of Navratri. Once again, tears will roll down to see our favorite idol of the Goddess Durga leaving us. But, that's life and it has to be accepted. :)



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Life moves on indeed! And we have to adjust with it :)

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