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Pitfalls and Parachutes by Durgesh Shastri (Book Review)!!!

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      I am not a great fan of reading anthologies because there's something that does not allow me to get attracted towards short stories. Though I myself write short stories on this space. :-) In the commercial books that are getting published these days, I remember that I have read only one anthology- Uff Ye Emotions which I felt was very repetitive. Though it did fine but other anthologies- One by Ravinder Singh and another by Grapevine India did excellent. Hence it can be easily said that anthologies is a craze among people in the same way as full-fledged novels are. I am done reading "Pitfalls and Parachutes" just now which has 15 short stories. This 168-pages novel is written by a debutante- Durgesh Shastri. Its published by Partridge, which is a unit under Penguin that publishes self-published books.



Durgesh Shastri is currently working as an assistant professor in GND Engineering College, Bidar. He completed his engineering from PESIT, Bangalore. Later, he joined RVCE, Bangalore, and completed his masters in computer networks engineering. He runs a NGO that is aimed at providing computer awareness in rural areas. 

        Coming to the author, I would say that he has maintained the respectability of the book by writing stories that has substance and is meant for every age group. There is no raunchy or nasty stuff that can shame someone. You can gift it to an 8-years-old boy and to a 65-years-old retired uncle too. Every story is written with a meaning- either direct or hidden. But author has definitely tried to keep all the stories as half-ending or didn't declare as to how the story ended or character solaced. His sole purpose is to make his readers guess and interpret rest of the part. He has tried to make us laugh but here, I would say that its only the children below 18 who might find many situations funny. I found some areas silly but in all, I would say that author has attempted a very nice anthology which will find its place in every short story lover's shelf. 

         The first story is quite funny. I loved reading it. After that, 2-3 stories had nothing according to me but as soon as the 5th chapter comes, since then every story is written with such a beautiful concept and goal that it entertains you throughout. Neither any story is highly pragmatic nor highly depressing. All are balanced which makes the story look genuine and real; as author claims that all are inspired from his real life experiences or observations. Author has also decided it right as to which story would come where. And hence, as the climax keeps getting closer, the story keeps getting interesting and when you close the book, you close it with a smile. In short, rather than telling which are my favorite stories and which are not, I would ask you to purchase and read it yourself otherwise you, readers, will start reading with a mindset. But I can definitely say that at least 11 stories out of 15 will be liked. For the rest 4, let's warn the writer to rectify the errors in his next book. :-) 



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