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Amidst The Tides Lies a Beautiful Island by Mangala Nagarajan (Book Review- 4.25*)!!!

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   I am done reading the 3rd book yesterday itself. This is what happens when I get submerged into the world of books. No one can bring me out of it then. :-) And fortunately, the last book that I read yesterday which got completed around 2 AM was the shortest of all 3 that I read and also the best among them. This is the first book of the authoress and is self-published by the Partridge Publishers that is a sub-part of Penguin Publication. The name of the book is "Amidst The Tides Lies a Beautiful Island" and the debutante authoress of the book is Mangala Nagarajan". As it is said, some things look beautiful and perfect when they are kept short and sweet. This is what I can say about this book. Authoress has made it sure that her story gets conveyed to the readers in the most beautiful manner as possible. Some authors write a long book in a quest that readers will spend more time with them but this is a very long approach if your story does not need a lengthy narration. For this, I would like to bow in front of Mrs. Mangala.

           The writing style of the author is poetic. Every sentence is written with such a wonderful composition of words that you feel you are reading a poem. Even when the story is depressing, author hasn't written as something that can be called a book on Women Empowerment or the book that kept on pleading the reader to respect the women who go through these issues. The story was kept normal in spite of it being a depressing tale of many women. The way authoress has covered different scenarios without making the book look confusing is what makes this book readable. While reading, you can imagine each and every character because of the beauty with which the author has described each of them in the initial pages and even later on, while the story is on. 

           Right from the cover page to the last page of the book, you find a serene feeling to be attached with this book. You want it to keep on going and never end. The problem in which Megha gets stuck in the book makes us empathize with her. Her situation when she has to look after both- mother and younger sister is something which author has written very beautifully. A relationship between a mother and a daughter and even between sisters is portrayed beautifully. Also the relationship between an old servant and the master is described beautifully making you love the characters of Muthu and Nirmala no less. The way Vasundhara is displayed in the book, each one of us will find our mother in her or want our mother to be like her. This book isn't a non-living entity, friends, but its a living being with which I spent my last evening and this book is surely going to stay in my heart for a long time.

            The scenario when Megha tells a truth to her younger sister with all the fear of the world and finds her younger sister giving her strength is the most beautiful part of the story. When Bharathi meets her mother, that's another part which I'll remember for a long time. The last chapter of the book is the most beautiful thing and I just didn't want this book to end so early. Now, I want to read Mangala mam again and again. She is one author who needs promotion and attention otherwise we will lose a great author present between us. I will give this book 4.25/5 stars easily without any doubt. And I will recommend all the book readers to purchase this book and read as soon as possible because there can be nothing as delightful as this. This book was a level up than Preeti Shenoy's work as the genre in which she writes and this book is similar. Now you can estimate the power in the writing and story of this book. Go get it. :-)



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