5 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

You are a very Bad Teacher until.......

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   It's Teacher's Day- A day that's specifically meant for teachers. Well, not for some like me who have to deal with them almost every day. And almost 80% of our routine is with them or planned because of them. These days are mostly special for those who are out of their academics and don't get much chance to interact with their teachers. For them, its a day when they can call or talk to their teachers or just remember them. For us, it is like a suffering that we have to deal every day. All the college crowd will agree to me. Right? :-) Yes, teachers feel that they are to be respected by default irrespective of what they are to us or how do they conduct themselves to us. This is where a wall between the students and teacher builds up. This is from where one starts hating teacher and teacher starts taking revenges of not being loved.

           There will always remain to be two types of teacher- One- who have come in the teaching life with interest to teach and educate the masses. Two- who are here just because they want to earn some extra bucks and are just professional and nothing else. And let me tell teachers that we, the students, identify of which type you belong in your first lecture/class itself. You don't need to pretend anything as it's all written in your body language the moment you enter the class, you start speaking and you move out. And as soon as we identify of which classification you are, we change our modes. Yes! There's no class that is either good or bad, a class is always mixed of both. Good with good teachers and worst with the bad ones. A good teacher does not have to plead children for any submission, assignment etc. A bad one has to show authority, give deadlines, scold, insult and dominate. And a teacher does not win by doing this. In fact, they lose. They lose a race where they could have been a revolutionist but turned out to be another human being whose ego gets hurt by the creatures who are meant to be taught and guided by they themselves. :-)

           How sick and shameful it is that a teacher has to keep a mandatory condition of 75% attendance for making their own students sit in their class. Students who have themselves chosen the career and paid the fees. Now imagine what level of loser are you if you have to ask children at gun point to sit in your class, the children who are here to learn themselves. It is a reality check for all such teachers who force their students to sit in classroom. If you are the one whose lectures suffers most number of mass bunk or absenteeism, understand that there's some fault in you. If in your lecture, you catch students sleeping in your class for most number of times, understand that you are boring and the student is not at fault. If you ask a question and no one dares to answer even when your question is as easy as what comes after A, understand that you have dominated us at a level where we don't have guts to even answer what our heart knows is 1000% correct.

           Its very simple to be a good teacher or favorite of children. Last semester, a new teacher came to teach us Financial Accounts- a subject that's very weak for IT students. She made it sure that everyone of us is familiar with the jargon and terminologies of the subject. She herself wanted to teach so told us that whenever we would be bunking in masses, we should inform her because she comes with a prepared mind to teach and gets disappointed to see an empty class. She never scolded anyone of us. And her subject has got a very good result. Similarly, there was a Data structure mam who scolded me a lot in the class and treated as if I come without fees. Haha! Actually she understood that I am one of those who look simple and sweet but are the ones who don't study and disturb the class. She made me sit on the first bench throughout the semester and the subject in which I understood nothing, I have scored just 3 marks less than distinction. She purposely made me learn each and every topic. And the subject has gone under me up to that level that I don't think I'm going to forget it ever. 30 years from here and I could still teach those topics without revision. :-) 

            When you teach every student as if they are your own, leave 75%, students may themselves ask you for taking an extra lecture or two. This happens. I'm not stating some hypothetical scenarios. Teachers today have forgot that we are in the age when everything is so open. Researches say that a relationship affair, financial problems at home can depress a child up to a state where he can slap his parents too. They say its psychological and it can be dealt easily if elders are co-operative and give the youngsters their time. Leave big issues, researchers say that even surfing Facebook causes depression these days. When you see any of us sleeping in class, ask the person politely to go and wash his/her face and come back refreshed rather than insulting him. Give an allowance to everyone that if there is some urgent call, they can take permission and go out of the class and talk for 5 minutes and be back rather than grabbing the mobile and making the person touch your feet for it. If someone is unable to solve a question, come to his bench and make him understand the concept than conducting a test in the next lecture to show how stupid we are. Just little co-operation and the teachers would again be respected in the same way as they were some 3-4 decades ago. Even today many of you are worshiped but for that, we must find a replica of God or parents in you. Work upon that, the professional ones. The passionate ones, a grand salute from me and all my readers, right here right now. :-)



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