5 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Teacher's Day to all the Passionate Ones!!!

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   It's 5th September. A day which we know as Teacher's Day but since 3 Idiots released, it reminds us of its terrace's starting and ending scene. :-) A Very Happy Teacher's Day to all the beings who are passionate about teaching and cannot see any student going ahead without learning something. Teachers are an essential presence on this planet otherwise illiteracy could have killed the peace and happiness around us. All of us know how important it is to get educated these days otherwise a mind turns criminal if it does not know in what direction it has to move ahead. And only a teacher can provide the right education to a person who do not know what life exactly is all about. After parents, if children owe their life to anyone, its teachers. Whenever someone achieves anything that's extra-ordinary, he/she remembers his teachers and wants to meet them as soon as possible and tell about their success. There's no satisfaction and accomplishment until one does not share his/her success with his/her teachers. 

            I remember some 4 months ago, I and my mother were coming from somewhere. At the local train platform, I got to see the most strict teacher of my school when I used to be in 2nd std. I saw her walking in speed and asked my mom,"Mummy, is it Savina madam?" My mom gave a look and nodded positively. We hurried towards her. And as soon as she turned towards us after listening to our screams and screeches(Haha), even she screamed,"Hey, Abhilash. How are you, boy?" And it was like I won some International respectable award or something. A teacher who taught me some 17 years ago and since then, never saw me again remembers me by name. And the moment she came to know about my Blog and my writing interest, she said that she would love to spend some more time talking to me. How happy I was that day. :-)

             Similarly, some 2 weeks ago, while I and my friend were moving out of college after finishing our day, we saw a teacher who taught us for some 2 weeks in the beginning of our Graduation i.e. in August, 2009. As soon as we saw her even she looked at us and came to meet. We greeted each other and she asked what course we are in. She also asked why didn't we go for management and why technical. She also inquired as to why we left our previous college for this new one and when I gave a real reason, she clapped her hand with me. And while she asked for an introduction, I told her my name and my friend's name, she said that she knows mine she is just unable to recall my friend's name, it was like "Wow!". This is what happens when our favorite teachers also see us in the same way as we see them. Even after years. I never got a special treatment in school from not more than 3-4 teachers but in today's date, almost everyone who talks to me or know about me says that they are proud of me. What more can I have in life that's all due to them who taught me how to conduct myself? 

             Let any celebrity comment about how well I write or how distinct my work is, but whenever I get a comment from any teacher, it is like "I did it". There's something for teachers always in heart. Respect. Though our generation is little bad when it comes to respecting teachers and considering them something in life but still, somewhere in our hearts, we know that without them we will struggle. Without them, we will take 10 times more time to achieve what we do in less amount of time. Without them, there would have been no meaning to our childhood, our school life, our college life and even the few moments that we shared with them after official hours. When a teacher talks like a friend, it is only then that we see God in them. Else, they are just another employee for us as we see numerous of them in Buses and Trains on daily basis. A teacher who gains the pure respect of students is the one who has won in life and is among the best souls. :-) There are certain teachers whom I consider as my favorites. I have named many of them in my previous teacher's day's posts so I won't be doing it again. But my warm greetings to all of them for making me whatever I am today. 



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