5 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Be on Facebook! But Follow a Set of Rules!

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   Excuse any young boy or girl and ask what's the most interesting activity they find and almost 99% of them will say "Facebook" or "Twitter". It has become a part of everyone's life that googling, facebooking, tweeting etc has become verbs that's unofficial but the ones that are mostly used these days. There's something in these sites that attracts this generation. Youths wake, sleep, eat, play, talk, beat, read and dream on Facebook and Twitter. They have no other hobbies except chatting or commenting on each other statuses. I have even found children as young as 7 years old on Facebook with an account made by faking their age to be more than 18 years. They got to know from their friends that its the only mode of survival and there's no life in life if the person isn't on Facebook and does not use Internet. But don't you think that there should be some lessons for everyone to use such social networking sites?

         I remember there used to be a time when people met each other once after months and they had so much to talk with each other. Now they meet and discuss only the funny conversations they had with their group of friends under someone's facebook status or uploaded photo. Or else, what they will do is- turn on their laptop, open their FB account and browse the whole wall and discuss it with each other. Sometimes, the people meet each other but rather than talking, they get busy into their respective smartphones. At periods, they show something interesting to each other and again starts surfing Facebook on their handset. This is what life has turned out to be. No problem if this is what you have chosen for yourself. A life available only virtually and nothing commendable left in real. Who am I to talk over others when I have myself chosen Blog over everything else. 

           While using Facebook and Google, one should remember that in real life, one can get away with past but from Social networking site, its little difficult. Once you get any of your information or picture in the list of Google Search, remember, that it never gets removed from it even if you remove it from its origin. It takes a long time to go. Hence, uploading pics is little dangerous but no one takes it seriously. Then any information that you post on Facebook gets recorded by the website itself and they always keep it in their databases. You may not be knowing but when you open several tabs in the same browser with Facebook open in one of the tabs, Facebook records everything that you do on other websites. According to that only it shows you friend suggestions, advertisements and recommendations. Now you can understand how harmful any of your online activities can be.

          Whenever you post something, make it sure that its related only to you. As soon as you write about someone else, even if its an indirect statement, you may never know but this may start a very long warship between you and the other person. On networking sites, no one gets to know with what expressions or impressions has someone said something. The only thing that they know is the comment that has been made on them. And this may affect the peace in your real life. We feel that we are quite intellectual but actually, we are learners and still unfledged. We should get accustomed to the fact that there's many people- stranger and familiar who are sitting over there on their systems to attack you. Yes, when you are enough jobless to post your details online, there are more jobless people than you sitting over there to target without even knowing you. Hence, do surf Facebook but make it sure that you don't go over the limits. It has already been the reason of many break-ups, marriage call-offs, student's suspension, employee's termination, organization's lock-up, suicides, depressions etc. So next time you log into Facebook, make it sure that you aren't sinking yourself in a sea of troubles. 



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Gajendran.M said...

Yes I agree with you today everyone should be read this.....

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your blog post. Well, people are stuck with these social media platforms as if someone did black magic on them. In my office, I made a strict rule that Facebook wouldn't be accessed during office hours. It was seriously hampering the work. People just don't know where to draw the line. It's pure madness.

Abhisek Rai Akrant

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