16 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet N5100 REVIEW!!!!

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    So finally I got a call from an IT and promotional department of Samsung. I don't know how but they located that I bought a tablet from their company. They want me to review the whole experience of buying this tablet and also tell my readers what's my view about the instrument I have purchased. Interesting! And yes, please don't assume that with books and movies, I am also getting into Mobile's reviews. I am not that techie. Haha! First of all, I would like to tell that I purchased Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet N5100 which is also known as Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Samsung Galaxy Tablet 510 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5100. I didn't get the purpose of Samsung of naming the same product with 3-4 names. Even the electronic stores were confused as to what I am actually asking for. But at last, Vijay Sales hit the target and I directly went to Borivali's branch from where I got it in very low price as it was an open piece. But they initialized the whole system in front of me hence I am happy with the service. 

            The tablet is of 8 inches and the best feature of it is its Stylus. It helps in writing, drawing, sketching, buffering, air viewing etc. This is the only tablet that provides stylus in low cost otherwise the devices with stylus are priced too high. The Air view feature is wonderful. You don't even need to click the screen with the stylus. You can just point it and you can view all the pictures, videos without clicking on the screen. The camera resolution is 5 MP and the front camera is 1.3 MP. I will have to say that camera is not that good but the front camera is better when they say that its just 1.3 MP. The video recording is powerful in HD mode. The tablet provides 64 GB expandable memory. But let me tell you, use only Class 10 memory card otherwise your tablet will slow down. The tablet only intakes a micro-sim hence make it sure that you get your sim card cut by a mobile shop or directly buy a micro sim. 

             I have recently purchased a bluetooth 2-ears headphone for the device and it works wonderfully. The wifi connectivity is also very easy. I am using Reliance's 123 rs 3G plan and I am getting a wonderful speed. But there's only one problem that I am facing- tablet starts getting updated without intimation. But this problem has been resolved from last 1 week after I switched off all the notifications checkbox. But initially, it consumed 700 MB of my 3G Plan with frustrated me like hell. The device gets connected with the PC/Laptop and gets charged automatically. The sensor of this device is wonderful. The Smart eyes feature keeps the screen on until you are viewing it and as soon as you stop looking at your device, it turns off the screen. :-) 

           The reading mode facility makes it sure that whenever you open a PDF file or an E-book application, it will adjust the brightness and give you the feel as if you are reading a real textbook. The 2 GB RAM and 1.2 processor helps the system to work with the same speed even if you have more than 10 more applications on. This tablet also allows you to work upon 2 applications at the same time. I can simultaneously watch a video and work on Chrome or I can open Chrome and simultaneously jot down the points in my new Word file. I am just amazed to see the multi-window capability of this set. This is the best feature of this set which is helping me a lot. The speakers are placed at a very convenient side. You can even play videos in a small size while you can browse through your applications and work on some files. 

           In all, I would say the experience with this tablet has been quite wonderful by now. I hope I will be helped by it for next 3-4 years at least. :-) If you are thinking for iPad Mini, I would say that this piece will give you better resolution, speed and experience than the Apple product. Now its time for the audience to move towards Tablets and use a basic phone for calling purposes. Typing experience, watching videos and surfing internet and reading files are the blessings that only Tablet can provide, no 6 inch or 4.3 inch's mobile can. So go for this one. And if your budget is low, Samsung Tablet 3 is the best choice. It's available in 7 inches and 8 inches but you won't get stylus with them. :-)


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