22 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Dance like no one is watching!!!

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         4 years back, on the same day, I won the title of Mr. Fresher in the first year of my Graduation. I still remember that day with the date because it brought a lot of confidence in me. Some events in life stays in your head because they are the main cause of the person you are today. And with me, I always make it sure that I remove all the bad moments or incomplete events from my memory and live with all the fruitful and successful periods. It gives me pleasure and comfort. It makes me believe that I am in a discovery- discovery of a diamond in me which is shining somewhere, sparkles can be seen occasionally but I am in need of the brightness that can outshine my current capabilities and achievements. Hence the remembrance of winning this title always remain very special to me. Isolated from everyone, moreover rejected too, finds a confidence as soon as the boy stands on the stage and does what he thought was no more present in him and in the process, finds him. That's what makes this award special than the momento itself. 

          The day is distinct to me specifically because the 2nd round in which we had to perform something, while everyone sung a song for 1 or 2 lines, I danced. And after my dance, there was a sudden roar in the audience and that made me feel good about myself. I felt that I am returning back to life. Dance is a booster for life. Without dancing, I don't understand as to how can one express joy and happiness. What makes contestant on KBC dance as soon as they find themselves as the one moving towards Hot Seat? What makes a small child dance when he sees a ceiling fan rotating in front of his laid eyes. What makes an actress dance in movies when an actor touches her or makes her realize how much he loves her? Because some things are away from Science and they look beautiful without any justification. Like I love trusting the fact that God exists even though scientists keep confirming that formation of universe is no connection with the existence of God. 

          Whenever a new music album of any movie gets released, the first question that the whole group asks their friend who has already downloaded and heard them is "Koi party ya dance song hai kya?" In any gym or working out areas, you will find dancing tracks on. These days, the marketing guys have started selling shoes specifically known as Dancing Shoes, a product which was nowhere few months ago. The biggest reality shows on television are the ones that shows either new faces dancing or celebrities twisting and bending themselves to win the prize amount of 1 crore. Dancing is soul to the human body. It takes us to a totally different world where we start imagining and considering ourselves as a flyer who can catch the whole sky with his one hand. Dancing is an element in life that one wants to do in public- some do while some fails.

            A person might have stage fear but if he is given a music to dance and let 100 people be surrounding him, even then he makes it sure that he performs 2-3 steps. Dance is actually exploring oneself. Its hard to stop your enthusiasm when your inner is happy. One should always try to open oneself. Confining is bad. Dancing is an indication that you have forgot everything, every stress of your life and you are ready to enjoy this particular moment. A student keeps struggling with his classes and assignments, hence when he comes to know that there's a function being organized he makes it sure that DJ is part of it else he does not attend it. I have realized with time that dancing takes away all the anxiety of life.

         That day on fresher's, when i danced for 5 minutes, it took away all the under confidence that I had. Since then,I realized that there's an ignition in me to live. Now, whenever I feel low in life, I make it sure that as soon as I find my bedroom vacant, I play my favorite dance number and stretch my body to make gesture poses and dance like anything. It releases all the tension and I come into circulation once again. Its strange that dancing has such an impact on our life that we can psychologically connect it with this but then, isn't this the most easiest way of smoothing our life even at a very rough path of time? So let's dance and live happily. For me, dancing is soul. I hope all of you would agree to me. It's 4 years since then and I'm still dancing and I hope even one the last day of my life, my body would be fit enough to let me have a step or 2.



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