28 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

If Business is your Passion....

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    I have many acquaintances who keep asking me if they should start a business or something. I am always out with a Thumbs up sign. I love seeing people doing something new, incredible and continuing with it for a long time. It's interesting and fascinating to call something your passion among people but you become a joke once that passion ends within few days or week. I have seen many people joining gym or yoga classes and calling it their passion within a week of exercise. Yes, its certain that exercise is such a beautiful thing that it becomes your passion as soon as you start doing it. But then why do you build situation that makes you a laughing puppet after some week? Keep continuing with it. Passion is a very strong word just like Love. Don't just use it whenever you feel like. Only when it comes from the core of the heart, implement it in life. :-) Wow! Haha!

          There are many people who make a passion over night and then start it right from the next day. Wrong! I am talking specifically when it comes to business. Yes, its the most popular passion in the world. Otherwise, we would have had no malls, shops, agents, stock exchanges etc. And its also a well known fact that people doing business falls prey to losses in high probable chances. Why does this happen? Why when business is a passion, it fails tremendously? Why is not the result as great as the results we get when we do something else in life? Because we don't have the maturity and ideas to handle it. It is always said that it's just a beautiful idea that makes a person overnight success or just, successful. And this idea comes with patience, wait and stability. Anything that's quick ends quickly. Anything that's done with planning stays for a longer time. It's durable. It's reliable. It's efficient. And as said in every book, a product that you are delivering should be durable, reliable and efficient from the point of view of customer.

           I meet so many young boys and girls like me who complain that their blog is better than mine but still they don't get readers and they have to close it down after seeing the responses. There are many who say that their book reviews are not being followed the way they want it to and they need a tip or two from me. This happens only because they open the page of some or the other blogger incidentally. Sees the whole success idea and thinks to copy the same. They begin with the same tendency with which the original Blogger started working but because they didn't plan how they will continue the thing after few weeks, they keep on repeating themselves and in the end, lose even the 5 readers that they had. Every month, I plan and write at least 10 topics on which I would be writing and trying my hands on. Then I keep on observing my life to gain more points on those topics so that my article becomes readable and referable. Otherwise there are 10000s sitting like me where my readers can switch to.

          When a business is opened, one should take it slowly. Taking as many orders as possible in the initial days itself will only make you anxious and worrisome because it's not easy to satisfy a customer who pays his hard-earned money to you for a product that he has not even tested. Understand their emotion. Empathize with them. Make sure that you take or handle only one order at once. Money is like water. The quicker they come, the quicker they get gulped down. And as soon as its gulped, the next process excretes them. Money is preservable like pickle. If you will let it flow without caring for it, remember, business is not for you. A businessman values money the way a mother values her child. Customer is God for businessman. This is the simple mantra that should be the sole target of every businessman no matter what business is. Right from selling tea on stalls to selling car in showrooms, the idea is same. My only request is that before starting something, take time to research. Even if your dream begins after 10 years and gets accomplished after 10 years of its launch, it's cool. It's evident that there's an excitement to sell and earn and gain profits and impress customers but remember, time invested is time earned. Time executed without plan is time wastage. :-) 



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