11 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you!!!

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      Whenever someone asks me whats most beautiful according to you, I generally have no answer. Because whenever I have called something as beautiful, in just few minutes after it, I have found something more beautiful than it. Lets take an example of girls. Yes. Have you not experienced that when you see a girl walking on road and find her the most beautiful girl on the planet, 10 seconds later, there's another girl who turns out to be more beautiful than the previous one. :-) This is how I have always failed in defining as to what is the most beautiful entity for me on the Earth. Life and the nature have always amazed me with something or the another whenever I felt that this is the limit of beauty and serenity on the planet I am living in. Hence, the easiest answer to this answer is- God. Yes. There can be nothing more beautiful than him.

          Even when we haven't seen him, even when we haven't talked to him personally, we have given all our life to him. Well. What am I saying? He has blessed us with the life that we are enjoying. That's a totally different thing that most of us curse him for whatever bad happens with us rather than acknowledging him every now and then for whatever we have. For me, God plays a very big part. Every time I achieve something, I make it sure that I thank him for all that he has given me in life. Whatever little bit I have achieved at this age where the real life has not yet begun with is something people die for all their life but still end up being disappointed. I have got everything quite easily without any real struggle. Any struggle online or on Internet should not be called struggle, actually. Haha! Hence, there has not been much struggle in my life.

           Yes, that's true that for 2.5-3 years I did see a bit of hell but now I feel that if I would not have gone through all those tortures, I would not have been the person I am today. All the aggression, fury, anger, short-temper, abusive talks etc have gone away. Now I don't find much of the bad traits in me because from the moment I started accepting God in life, he accepted me in his shrine. And I know- the moment I'll cheat him or I'll withdraw him away from my life, he'll treat me the way he treats people in hell. And I tell you, its not easy to experience hell while living. It's better to get it after death but at least not when I am already in life that I'm living pleasurably. Ganesh Chaturthi has just begun and I see all the surroundings near me and the environment sunk into Godly mode. The roads look like heaven, the clouds look like snow, every human being looks like a devotee, every idol of Ganesha looks like a real God talking to us through his eyes and every sound of Bhajan makes you feel that all the impurity has gone away and we are as pure as we were when we took birth with no bad thoughts, jealousy and ego. 

          Lord Ganesha has always been every child's favorite because of his cute drawings and idols that we have seen since birth. His potbelly is the favorite part of every children. As soon as we grow up and find our stomach hung out of our body, we comment that we are turning into Ganapati. In childhood, on every Sunday, I used to watch two mythology-based shows that had Lord Ganesha as its main character. I enjoyed the shows so much that even after 15 years or something, I remember most parts of it. I still wait for the Ganesha series that a director releases in animation every year. I loved watching even them though I don't watch animated movies. This is what happens when you accept God's wishes in your life and let God take decisions for you. The more you will fear life, the more farther God will go. The more you will respect life, the more closer you'll find God to yourself. On this Ganesha Chaturthi, I wish all of us will love the life that we are blessed with rather than getting pissed off by it.



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