5 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

My Stability Isn't To Give You A Helping Hand!

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    A girl from Pune whom I consider my sister came to visit me on the weekend after Raksha-bandhan. Yes, this is what metro cities' lives are- one has to celebrate festivals too in weekends in spite of being as close as 200 kilometers only. No problem. Corporate life sucks you but also pays you well. And when you get money, any relationship can be handled and maintained later on. No one runs away in life and those who does, never deserved us. :-) I love doing this- Throwing a heavy quote while talking something that's as simple as brushing your teeth in the morning after waking up. :-) Ok, I also know someone who brushes teeth after bathing in the morning. Now this is strange. Strange people though. Ok well. So she came, tied me rakhi, I gifted her whatever I could have managed and all went well. While talking to her, I and she started arguing over something to which my mother joined her. Though I feel that I won in the end but.. Well, I won. No second doubt over this. 

           She was telling me how she manages various problems of her relatives even when they are good for nothing to her. She tells how they asked for money and never returned back even when the amount was nothing less than 30,000 Rs. She told me even while her marriage was on, she asked them to return her own money as she was needing them but they didn't return. And over that, they insulted her more in front of everyone. She sucked every thing only because it was her marriage and she didn't want to take any blame for any interruption or hurdle. She says that she managed quite well. Then she tells how this is not the only case and there are many more too. My mother added to this that one has to go ahead in life with these responsibilities. She was stating how she has decided to help some of our relatives at the time of their children's marriage etc. Even when those relatives are yes, again, good-for-nothing. Though they feel that world would stop in their absence. All the readers are allowed to laugh on this. Haha!

           Well, my take on this was that it's my sister or anyone at her place, say X who invites such problem in their life when they have nothing else to worry than them. I say why to invite the problems of others as a job of yours to rectify them when you can live your own life. If I'll earn 60,000 rs per month, I would love to invest all the money on me rather than sharing it with my relatives. On the name of culture, people keep spending 1500-5000 rs each time the daughter/girl of the family comes to visit. I would never be doing this because if there's love, one does not need to do these things to keep the relationship alive. Yes, at occasions, when there's something really special, a gift even if expensive is deal but just on the name of customs, if you ask me to keep on handing my relatives envelopes or their kids with cash in hands, I will surely give something else in their hands. Ok wait. No, I won't. :-)

            If the view point of everyone is that if our relative are dealing with financial problem and when we have money, we should bless them with some amount from our hard-earned money, I will definitely file complain like Paresh Rawal of Ohh My God! but would never help even for a penny. Till the time they have their hands and legs attached with their body and working perfectly, fight life. I will prefer giving that amount of money to some poor or disabled who really deserves help. If I feel so bad about people's poverty or isolation, I would prefer marrying an orphan and adopting a child than going for better options. But I won't help people who are enough capable of transforming life. Just because they know that a person is quite compassionate, I will never let them use me. I have enough brains to decide where to invest my money that's deposited in the quote of helping people. I will never help my friends and relatives out of it. I will better go for helping people who will at least take care of every bit that I would be giving them than these relatives who'll abuse me only after a point of time. 

            I am not saying that helping people is bad but not on the cost of my destruction. I would love to remain the way I am and then helping. Take any help that does not involve the outflow of my money that has been earned by rubbing the boss's ass and massaging his back. It is not easy to earn a rupee in this world where joblessness is at its height. And over that you want me to spend it over those people who were busy in procrastinating and sleeping when I was waking all night to develop myself. No one gets money over his potentials and what is of my potential, I would like to avail all its benefit myself only. I will never share a bit with people who never stood with me when I needed a tremendously strong support. So never eye upon my stability for your help or don't even expect me to be there when you need a help even after being as capable as me in terms of body and mind. 



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mangala said...

Very true.There is a proverb in tamil ,thanaku pin than dhanamum dharmamum....meaning charity comes after you have done everything for yourself,family and kids...

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