28 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Science flies you to the moon but Religion into Skyscrapers!!!

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     Recently, an Indian origin girl won a Beauty Contest in America for which the Americans abused and criticized her a lot. They called her "brown" "black" and even "terrorist". They are not even clear about which nation is terrorist and which a victim to it but when its time of judgment, everyone stands out differently to speak their heart out. Well, I, as an Indian, has no right to speak in defense because I, as a countryman, is already frustrated with the judgments and discrimination here. As a North Indian, living in Maharashtra is itself a task of no less than a Roadie's. Every now and then, I see a hardcore Maharashtrian and I know that he hates North Indian as much as the hatred is visible in Raj T's videos and speeches. I, as a North Indian, have started finding it hard to trust a person here until and unless I don't talk to him for a long period of time. This is what caste ism has done to our nation. How can we even protest against another nation doing it with us?

         Unity is something that is always appreciated as the most powerful element in the world. If one has unity, one finds his family strong, friends strong, neighbours strong, society strong and everyone they have an association with. But the moment a diversity in thoughts and attitudes begin to arise, the hell on the Earth begins to form. Every Muslim, when meets another Muslim friend, after a while, do talk ill against Hindus. And same happens even this side too. Why? Because that's what we, as Indians, have started believing in. A Hindu will love to apologize a Hindu even if he has committed no mistake but will not apologize Muslim even if he has committed a mistake for which he should not be forgiven. This is the state of egoistic nature creeping into everyone's personality. No one wants to keep his religion or breed down. 

           I, as a human being, don't understand as to why this matters so much? Until and unless, a person is good to me or in himself, I am in awe with him/her. The moment I find the person not coordinating with me or being totally wrong to someone, he has no place in my life. Now what makes someone judge anyone according to the caste they belong, surprises me. I have seen people negotiating for a product and making it sure that they purchase it only from the shop who's owner is from their native place/religion/caste. I don't have any of these mentality or mindset. Being open minded is such a fun. Close-mindedness only develops hatred in one's heart and hatred only costs devastation and nothing else. As an individual, try not to get influenced by the people of your kind or types create hatred in your soul for a group of people or set of friends. Keep an equal approach towards everyone else the day is not far when human will start eating human, we have already started killing each other. :-(



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Soulmate said...

As a North Indian, I stood out from others in my B.Tech classes during my engineering days in Hyderabad. The professors many times taught in Telugu, a language I didn't understand in the English medium college. They knew perfectly well that there is a girl in the class that 'is an alien' but didn't bother to make me feel comfortable or that I belong in the class. On the other hand, they questioned me and laughed with others on my inability to understand what the hell was happening in lectures.I was mocked for my ignorance and inability to learn their language. At such times, my Muslim friends helped me in translating whatever that was being taught and standing beside me as a support whenever any professor or student tried to mock me in front of others.

I faced all this with absolute indifference and kept on with my studies and friendship with those who trusted and supported me. But somewhere down the line, it still hurts. There were moments when I had tears in my eyes for those kinds of incidences back in classes.

Right now after reading this blog, those episodes flashed in front of my eyes. So just felt like sharing this here. Sadly, differentiating someone on the basis of religion and caste is something that is coolly accepted in Bharat Mahan.

I wonder when will God start distributing brains to such kind of people.

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