23 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Guru Devo Parmeshwara! Really? Huh!

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Learning! All of you may be knowing by now the love I have with this particular word. It can change life divinely. The word "life" and any sentence having this word means someone is talking or flooding philosophy. But tell me, is there any thing better that we, as human beings, have got as a grant from the almighty? No. Every second is bliss to me. Even when life is tough, I celebrate it somewhere within my soul because I know that in future, some day, this shall go and I would again be running in a crystal clear environment. Hence, when I talk about life, I make it sure that I talk about learning new things. Even when you will learn a new thing daily, you will find umpteenth number of things far away from your knowledge and its scope. And this scope has to be widen. Learning needs teacher. And therefore, teachers are respected in life almost like the way parents are respected. But is learning really a pure activity in today's society?

            Well, I believe that learning is only truthful and pure when teacher is selfless. If there is a greed of anything other than having their students as educated most learned in the horizon, then I believe that this process of learning is more of a business. And hence, I wanted to speak upon this from last few days but finally, I am in position to say something. It's only good to write on something when you are sure from your heart that what you are writing is totally acceptable to your heart. And now I am agreeing on what I am going to discuss with all of you, my virtual family. :-) When I talk about learning, I am not considering just academics but anything that we learn in our day-to-day life or even occasionally. Singing classes, dancing classes, swimming classes, driving classes, gymnastics, yoga classes etc- all comes into the process of learning. And it's a myth that a person can excel only in one phenomena. If a person believes in committing himself to life considering that life is all about being closer to God, he may achieve excellence in almost every time he tries his hand upon. Hence, one can go on joining every class that he finds in his vicinity. 

            And all these classes are less of a pure relationship between a teacher and the student but just business. Even the students know these days that teachers are into the profession due to recession or some other tragedies, either big or small. There are very less people who are in teaching profession of any kind by their will. Hence, every time you enter an office to register yourself for a course, make sure to deal appropriately, bargain accurately and don't fall prey to these businessmen in the disguise of teachers. You may end up being looted or unlearned. Because what happens is- in the quest to learn something new, we forget that we are in an open market where everyone is competing with peers to have their Profit and Loss statement in a pragmatic situation. And in the formalities and to sound humble and a good future student, a favorite one too, we pretend ourselves to be very sweet. And this sweetness ends up bringing sour experiences in our smooth life.

          Make sure that next time you are about to get registered somewhere, don't fill the whole amount pre-training. Block the money. Pay the rest half after half of the training is over. And pay the rest half only after you get the certificate that you are trained under their organization. If you'll end up paying everything before, you are trapped. And in future, when you will find that whatever was promised to you is not anywhere around you, you will start getting frustrated. And this frustration will result into exasperation because you will find it very difficult and anti-culture to argue against someone who is your teacher now about money and service. It seems to be cheap to us to argue about money to someone who has been teaching us from a while. Even if the trainer is of your age, you end up shying and remain quiet even when you know that you are not getting the training the way you wanted and the way you were promised. 

          Hence, with this, I will also like to add that if you are getting collaborated with any of your relatives to launch a business or are going to work under them, make it sure that without any shame, you tell everything that you need initially itself. Because once the business or the session of your work would begin, it will become very hard to fight with the same relative or family friends regarding money. And you will end up getting frustrated and taking a decision that might spoil your peace for a long period of time. So either don't indulge in such activities but as it seems to be quite impossible these days, indulge but only when you clarify your terms before that person turns into your teacher and your period of getting dominated begins. It's something that you might feel is useless right now, but when you will face this experience, I am sure you will remember this out-of-the-box post of mine, read it again and make it sure that you follow the guidelines next time you are about to start learning something new in life with the help of a trainer/teacher. :-)



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