17 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

The changing face of new television- MAHABHARATA!!!

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    Television is the most favorite instrument of everyone. Even the people who don't like watching it or watch it less gets fascinated when they come to know that something of their type is going to get featured on it. The day our favorite movie gets premiered, it's the most amazing feeling of the world. And then, we make it sure that there's no guest at the home or no phone calls during that hour. We update our status almost everywhere that please don't disturb as we are busy in watching something that gives us pleasure. That's what television does to us. Last some months or say, years, television and its quality has kept on deteriorating. Many new ideas have been implemented but all failed as after a while, all ended up showing the same stuff that other serials were already into. And that made some of the audiences run away from their addiction of watching TV. The irony is that even Music Channels stopped playing music and started featuring offensive reality shows which took away whatever essence television had for us.

           Though the shows like Jhalak Dikhlajaa, Comedy Circus(not any more), India's Dancing Superstar, Mahadev, Maharana Pratap, India's Dancing Superstar, Indian Idol and India's Got Talent have kept the TV alive but there's something new and varied that audience wants to watch. Kaun Banega Crorepati comes as the only survival and the favorite for audience. Audience refuses to get bored with it. Let it come for 2 hours daily and I am sure the TRPs are going to be as enthusiastic as it has always been for this show. Bigg Boss is another terrible show which has a great fan following. 90% of them are Bhai's fan while rest 10% comes into the zone who loves to watch shit on television no matter what. But recently some of the trailers and arrival of new shows are bringing hope that television is not going to be the same for us anymore. At least for half an hour or an hour, we will get to watch substance. 

           The trailer of 24 featuring stars like Anil Kapoor, Anupam Kher and many others is killing the silence that TV lovers were in. People are amazed to see that a show is coming with the concept of a story that's of 24 hours going to be shown in 24 episodes and then end rather than dragging it for 15 years and then celebrating its success of accomplishing 1000 episodes. Another show that people have been waiting is of Anurag Kashyap's which is a non-fictional one featuring no one other than- Amitabh Bachchan in the lead. No one knows what it is exactly about but there are news that it will change the whole scenario of television. In the same way as Aamir Khan's Satyameva Jayate did. It was something for which people waited for every Sunday. It has also been able to change mindset of many.

            Coming to the 150-crore show- Mahabharata which started just yesterday with an hour episode but is going to be of 30 minutes from today on wards. More than the show, I was happy that I'll not have to see the idiotic Diya aur Baati because of my mother. :-) Mahabharata, the first show that came on television almost 2 decades ago had such a magic that people never allowed any other series work. Even Ekta Kapoor's ambitious project shelved after few episodes as people didn't like her take on it. But yesterday, after watching the first episode of this Mahabharata, I am mind blown. I have never seen any mythological show with such realistic visuals and screen presence. It seems as if we are watching a serial format of some blockbuster 3D Bollywood movie comprising of the best actors in the nation.
            Right from the first scene that features Shantanu and Satyavati to the last scene where Devrath moves towards the Ganga, the show had the power of not letting us blink our eye even for a second. The best scene of the episode was the entry of Krishna, his dialogue delivery and the whole aesthetic value that they show in the background. There's a shine on this actor's face which makes us believe that we are with the right show that has a wonderful Krishna dictating it to us. The dialogues and the dialogue delivery of the show is wonderful. I loved hearing new and difficult words with such an ease from its actors. I also loved the speed with which the first episode progressed. It's not letting us feel that the story is blocked at the same event. Rather we are getting to see a wonderful tale in the most imaginative manner. I don't think that there can be a better way to show Mahabharata- the epic story in a better way in these times when technology and its demand has arose. 

            With the first episode, there's a hope that with this unique narration, Mahabharata is going to be looked like a new story in itself. I am looking forward to it. I may miss some episodes but I am sure that whenever I'll tune into it, I will be forced by the directors and actors to sit and watch it fully and come at 8.30 in my TV's master room the next day. :-) For now, kudos to the director, actors and the technicians. 



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