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There is a little bit of Stanley in all of us!!! Awesome story!!!

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            Right now, while completing my assignments, I watched one of the most critically acclaimed movies- Stanley Ka Dabba. Though the movie released in May 2011, I got a chance to watch it today. Some movies are evergreen. They are not made to earn 100 crores. Nor are they made to get wiped out of people's mind in just a week. It stays in our hearts for a long time. This movie stays in people's heart and hence, I was forced to download it and watch. And now as I am done watching it, I feel bad that I didn't watch it till now considering it to be a boring movie. I accuse myself of pre-judging something which is so excellent and powerful. A movie needs a concept and what we audience wait for is- the freshness in the concept and the way it has been depicted in the movie. This movie is truly unique in that sense. 

              The movie shows a boy being scolded by his teacher and snubbed in the whole classroom for the only fault that he does not bring tiffin to the school yet gets to eat all the feasts bought by his classmates. This teacher is himself "haawra" or you can say one who dies to eat as much as possible from wherever he gets. Hence, he does not like the fact that one student of the class does not bring what he loves the most. He asks the child to not to attend school if he is not with the tiffin from the next day. And as expected, the boy stops coming to the school. His friends find him and tells him about a competition where he can easily participate on behalf of his school as he is the most witty and talented student. Even his favorite teacher, Ms. Rosy also wants the same but finds it depressing that he is been thrown out of the school by Khadoos teacher for a mistake which does not have to do anything with the victim of all. Then what is shown in the climax is something that you yourself watch and get shocked. :-)

                 Movie is exceptionally special. I won't say 5 on 5 but I would definitely give it 3.5+ on 5. It had a message which was secretly put across the movie. We keep cribbing about our life daily. We keep telling people as to how much problem we are with in our life and how we are managing college even when we are not in position to attend. In metro cities as of mine, children tend to show that they are quite busy in their own holdings. No one has time. Everyone feels that they are the most hard-working even when at a scale of hard work from 1 to 10, we work at 5. This movie tells us how some people do most of the work and yet never let anyone know about their plight or problems considering that they would get sympathy. The protagonist in the movie is shown throughout as if he does nothing in life except creating some imbalance around him but the way movie ends, it makes us think deeply about ourselves. 

              After watching the movie, I have decided that doing hard work is not the only aspect in being good human being in life but we shouldn't let anyone know about our efforts. We should always sound as if we are fine and even in our background, every thing is as smooth as their life. Amol Gupte, I bow in front of you because the scenario in which you made this movie with poverty and problems is something that everyone should get inspired with. This is not just a movie review but a chance to let all of you understand as to what the main character of this movie teaches us and goes. Definitely, watch it once.



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