11 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Special 26!!! Indeed a Special Film!!!

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             I have finally watched the first movie of this year. Though I didn't have any plans for it as I am desperately waiting for Kai Po Che and Shootout at Wadala- because both are the adaptations of two of my favorite books. And all of you know the love I have for books. :-) A friend called and I was in theater just after a very hectic day. Hence, I had few naps too in the first 30 minutes which I regret. :-( Everyone of us have a part in us which keep remembering A Wednesday- a movie to which Naseeruddin Shah added a life. There are some movies which needs no introduction and appreciation and thus, A Wednesday remains to be a part of our lives. Every time we talk about good movies, we take its name among Top 3 Hindi movies that we love. Neeraj Pandey debuted as a Director and Writer with it. This time, he is back with Special 26. No Naseeruddin Shah but we have Anupam Kher, who was another charmer in A Wednesday and Jimmy Shergill, who also gave a terrific performance. This time Neeraj Pandey cast Akshay Kumar which was really surprising.

              Special 26 starts with a scene where Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher are shown taking an Interview for recruiting a team in the name of CBI. It makes us laugh in the first dialogue itself. With this, I would like to add the first point- The dialogue in the movies are wonderful. Then the movie goes in a flashback and the cons that the team of 4 plays by raiding a minister and finding money from almost all the funny places at his residence is entertaining. The way these 4 con-men walks in attitude and character made me walk in the same manner when I was entering my society again after watching the movie. The most entertaining part was the dialogue that Anupam Kher makes in the first raid which is also shown in the trailer. His and Akshay Kumar's conversations are highlights of the movie. The scene when they again goes to a businessman's shop for raiding and they find a real CBI agent there; The way Anupam Kher gets scared is a sweet performance by him. Every time, Anupam Kher switches his character from a con-men to his normal character shows the amount of talent this 450-movies old actor has. 

               Once the post-interval session begins, the recruitment of Special 26 by Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher is an entertaining phase of the movie. The way Manoj Bajpai starts his journey in the movie is enthralling. After Gangs of Wasseypur, I am always in waiting mode for his performances and he has rocked once again with this movie. Every time he says something, it makes us laugh. Even when he is serious, it makes us remember his previous dialogues. He is playing a real CBI agent who starts his chase to catch these 4 con-men as catching them is a real hard task. They make victims to those who are bathing in black money hence the victims never lodge a complaint against them. The climax part with Manoj Bajpai is the real movie winner. His dialogue related to Chullu bhar paani made me laugh like mad as I was able to connect myself with his situation then. Haha! The good part of the movie is that we root for the Thieves than CBI and Police. :-)

            Only one dull performance that I feel was by Kajal Aggarwal. She was unable to make me connect with her character. She never made me smile with her smile nor made me shed tears with her tears. In all, watching this movie was fun. It has almost every thing that you can expect from a movie that is based on a real incident and made by a director whose last film is in your Favorite Movies List. But I would like to tell all that there's nothing for which you should shelve out money to watch it in theater. You can wait for its CD to come or its World TV Premiere. Just wait for some time and see it for free. :-) And yes, it's not a One-time watch but you can enjoy it every time you'll watch it. Yes!!!



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