17 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

VALENTINE's DAY!!! What I Feel!!!

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            As last post is about my generation, this one is yet another attempt to talk about them. I don't think that there can be anyone who can talk about our generation more than we ourselves. And I being a part of it takes full authority to talk about this generation. :-) Sharmana kaisa? Hahaha! Though I have been away from Blog from a long time, I have been thinking about the topics I would be writing once I come back in my Blogger's mode. :-) And thus, even when I have missed writing anything on Valentine's Day, I am yet writing what I would have written on that day. Valentine's is an opportunity for us to show what we love the most. And for my generation, boyfriend/girlfriend is what they find most lovable and sweet. They don't find anything in life that is more substantial and profiteering than this particular person with whom they share the physical intimacy with. Many of you might start doubting whether this Blogger who always talk about negativism when it comes to relationship is impotent or something. :-) Let me clear the doubt. Haha!

              Relationship is the best that someone can be in. But it is also the worst. It occupies all your time. And mostly the age- the core age bar which one needs to put in for surrounding himself with knowledge, development and procurement. This is the same age when some boys/girls stay out of this over-hyped relationship, prepare for their JEE exams and get selected in IITs, do their engineering, study for CAT and finally get admitted in IIM for MBA. While there is another category which keeps on thinking about their love life and wasting each and every minute. They end up with a break up, college drop out or a failed result, depressed parents, doubting society etc. Now, on such occasions as Valentine's, one needs to think what is to be celebrated- Love or Commitment to work? If one goes with the former he needs to understand that he has no authority to blame God later on for any unwanted consequences in his/her life in future. And if one selects Commitment to work, he needs to get the fact clear that he will not get frustrated later on that he/she didn't get to do what others did in the age when they were studying passionately. Actually, these people don't even think so as they reach to such heights that they get the partner they point their finger at. Yes!!!

              I have been in no such relationship ever and I am seriously proud of myself. I just can't imagine myself wasting my lovely time and mood in someone who is not even concerned about her life. A girl needs to be strong and tough because she has a very tough life ahead. She not only have to manage her husband and innumerable relationships but also her child and his/her future. If a girl wastes all her time in fooling her boyfriend for her advantages, she might not learn what she is expected of. Later on when the problem would arise during marriage days, she will have to suffer with domination and joblessness. She will not be ready to cook, clean the house and do all the chores that our mothers do. Instead if she concentrate on these factors today, her married partner would be 100 times better than the boyfriend she would have had if she would have given a tweak of grass to this thing called "Relationship".

             It's Valentine's Day. Everyone should pledge to devote all their life and love to their job. Now don't tell me that your job is to love your partner. Seriously! There can be nothing more annoying than such useless declarations. Better learn how to qualify lots of money and peace in your life for today's need and also for your post-retirement days'. Once when you will have lots of money, all the happiness and love of life comes from all the directions. But if you get short of money, even your childhood's mutual crush who turned into your girlfriend and then wife will think of leaving you. So better give priorities to other things that are useful to bring your final relationship that is with your wife to a zenith where you can live 40-50 years in pleasure, calmness and love. Understand the meaning of love. It comes once you are done with your basic needs. First, try to get all the basic needs. Then move ahead with other agreements of love.



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Usha sree said...

That's a wonderful post and yeah its all true..
But one can find success in both the areas if they both are understanding each other well and are able to sacrifice certain things for their career.. Nothing is impossible.. :)

Web development said...

Nice information shared by you about Valentine day.It ia like a good day for showing love to each other..

Writing Buddha said...

U r right, Usha mam but its very rare these days.

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