27 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Kai Po Che!!! A Movie for this Generation!!!

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              I went to watch Kai Po Che yesterday in Big Cinemas Kharghar. As all the malls of Navi Mumbai was being vacated due to some bomb threat, I had to leave the movie during interval. I called the theater back and they said that I'll get the money refunded. But who needed money when the movie has created a lot of buzz all around. I just wanted to watch it. The buzz is not the only reason, I also wanted to watch because I am a very great fan of Chetan Bhagat. I read The 3 Mistakes of My Life for the second time 3 days back so that I can enjoy the movie more. I even watched 3 Idiots after reading Five Point Someone on which it's based. And seriously speaking, I love analyzing the movie that are based on a novel than watching it. The whole time goes in analyzing whether the scene written in book is better or its visualization that's currently running in front of my eyes is. Hence, I watched the movie in the evening finally. :-)

               Kai Po Che is Abhishek Kapoor's 2nd movie. His first being Rock On. If you have loved Rock On which almost everyone did, you are surely going to like Kai Po Che as it is made on the same lines. The story line is subjected to the same moral. Following your dreams. And I am happy that today's generation's directors are making movies which are making the youth understand that life is about dreaming and chasing it whatsoever. Kai Po Che speaks the same. It shows how certain natural incidents and other havoc turns the faith of Gujarat State which effect each and everyone living there but yet these three boys have different plans to conquer their world and life. The movie-makers have tried their best to make the moral get imbibed in every youth's mind and soul. Let's see how many get into the colors of the movie. 

              Throughout the movie, I got the feel as if its 3 Idiots' Part 2. The movie has the same flavor. May be all the movie henceforth that would be based on Chetan Bhagat's novel would look the same. And I am happy about this fact. :-) All the three lead actors have played their part perfectly. Even the man who played the role of Bittu Mama, Ali and his father have contributed a lot in the movie. Each and every scene has a purpose. Perfect editing. Best part of the movie is that it's not stretched. Director have kept it short. But I seriously tell you that I enjoyed the movie more because I had the novel read. Many scenes which have just 1-2 sentences of the whole conversation of the novel made me imagine the rest of it as I have already read the book. People watching the movie directly will have to miss a lot of fun that's the part of the novel but not of the movie. Bad Luck, viewers. I loved that the adaptation does not have a bit of the 4 main characters visiting Australia for Cricket coaching. The best part in the movie is casting of Amrita Puri in the role of Vidya. She is exactly the way Vidya is described in the book. I was stunned to see the similarity. 

              The background score and all the three songs in the movie are perfect and melodious. The scene when the 3 friends go for partying in the open air after their first earning is beautiful. The excitement that they show while seeing the Navrangpura Mall's shop is another moment. The coaching to Ali by Ishaan and the commitment that he shows in the boy is the USP of the movie. When Ishaan comes in the middle of Govind's coaching class to teach Ali how to explore his batting skill for off-side of the ground is brilliantly shown. The reaction of all the three characters after the earthquake shows the potential they have in them. The love-making scene with the background score of a Dandiya song takes it to another level. I liked it. Omi's reaction after hearing the tragic news is another part where I loved watching the performance. Ishaan's reaction to what Bittu mama's party does with Muslim is also a genuine visualization. Govind's aggression at Ishaan when he takes the money without asking is again a high point of the movie. And talking about the climax, it is perfectly done. Almost every scene of the movie has a meaning hence describing all of them here is not possible. :-)

            In all, I would say a brilliant movie. Not too brilliant as book is far better and I was expecting little more than that. But still, I would say that the movie should be watched once by all. It has all the elements that, we, the youth want to watch these days. Go for it. 



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Anonymous said...

Yeah...Seeing Vidya character in film was like remembering the lines of the particular character from the book.

A feel good movie..

Keep ON..

vidit said...

Its the 3rd film of abhishek kapoor ast director, first was aryan(sohail khan), second was rock on.......

Writing Buddha said...

Hmmm Raja and vidit

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