20 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

When Crying Becomes Necessary.....

799th BLOG POST -->>

             I have always been conducive about one thing. Whenever I get a phone call or a Facebook ping by any of my friend or a Blog reader and he/she tells me his/her problem, the only thing that I have to say them at the very first is to stop crying. And the good thing about them is that they listen what I say. If I say that you need to stop shedding tears, they just stop crying because they know that something good is about to enter in their ears which will change their perspective about the thing that they are worried about. I have not reserved the record of counts as to how many times I have stopped people from crying but now I think that I have done a mistake. I should not have asked these people to stop crying. I should have made them cry as much as they needed to. And then I should have told them that this is the last time that you cried on the same matter. From here you need to be strong. 

            Crying is termed as something which is sign of a weak person. Yes it surely is. When one does not find any way or does not get a solution to the problem, he/she tends to break down and release water through their eyes. But my question to every such person is that up till when they will keep punishing themselves about something that is not a good part of their life. Yes. If something has started making you cry and weep every now and then, the part needs to get out of life. We have to be strong in the cases that are not subjective to make us happy and gay. I have seen many people cry. I have seen my mother and even father cry. But then they came out of that problem. They fought against it. Won it. Conquered it. At some places when they felt that the thing is out of their reach, they stopped dreaming about it. They smiled and let it go. Today, I don't think that there's anything that my parents have dreamed of and they don't have it. The only thing left is to see me earning lakhs of money every year. :-) I hope I will make this dream a possibility too. Let's see!
           Crying is a very good aspect of life but only when you use it to make yourself more stronger than before. If you are crying that is leading to weakness, health problems, vomiting, head ache etc, it's better to keep yourself strong and be with people those make you laugh than thinking about those who have brought you in this situation. Even if there is some problem, everything heals with time. This is a fact and everyone of us have experienced this in life. The problem is that we don't remember such things. We tend to forget good things about our life. We only remember bad and cry. Wrong! I don't do this. I have best buddy with me. I have other good friends who take a very good care of me. I have such wonderful parents. I have readers like all of you. Why do I need to think about someone who is not ready to consider me in his/her life? Don't I have any thing better to shed my tears on?

           I remember the day my 12th std result was out. As I and mummy were ready to see a Failed result, a Passing result with satisfactory marks was something that we never even saw in our dreams. Just after the result was been witnessed, I got up from my chair, went close to my mother, hugged her and cried like anything. A grandma asked my mausaji to control me but he said let him cry. And it helped. Once I welled up all my emotions, I felt better. All the pain of last 2.5 years went away with the last tear. I got witnessed to a good and happy life. Then I remember the day when I got my admission in MCA. I learnt that I have gone in a totally new college where I would be having no friend of mine. My mother and father were too happy to control themselves while I sat in my bedroom and cried a lot after they slept. For the whole night I kept on thinking that I was punishing myself by going away from them but then that is what life demanded then. And that 2 hours of cry in the night helped me to attend the initial days of the college until I got my best friend there. If I would not have cried that night and pretended to be strong, I would have never attended the college and gone on the wrong path. But it helped.

           As we are young, we get more emotional than anyone else. As our generation is facing lot of things, we tend to get fixed up in a blunder every now and then and then it becomes hard to bring everything on the track yet again. Cry only when you know that it's a solution to the problem. But not when you know that it will only generate health issues and kill whatever strength and potential you already have. Now I have thought that I will not ask people to stop crying when they'll suddenly hear something that they never want to but I will ask them to cry as much as possible and only once when they will be done, I will start helping them. I will myself try to not be a crying baby when I would be knowing that it is doing no good to me. Let's try this folks. I just want all of you to leave crying when not necessary. Let's end this game of weeping with this 799th Blog Post itself and with next post, let's start a new tendency towards living. Ready? I am! 



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madhuri daga said...

"Cry only when you know that it's a solution to the problem"..true!! :)

Dowdy gal said...

Sometimes things don't turn out the way we want them to be, but at least we can analyse as to what went wrong, instead of shedding tears. Well said.

vidit said...

Crying was neccessery then :-"

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Madhuri mam, Dowdy gal and Vidit..

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