3 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

"Uff Ye Contest" Day 1!!! Win Free Copies!!!

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             Starting from today, My Blog will turn almost into a Promotional Campaign for an upcoming book- "Uff Ye Emotions" in which some cool authors of this period have contributed a 5000-words Love Story each. The Authors are:-

                 We, the team of "Uff Ye Emotions" are organizing a Contest starting from today to 10th February, 2013 (the day when Book will finally release). On my Blog Page, between 9 PM to 10 PM, a question would be asked daily to which you have to give a creative answer. So, there are 8 Copies of Uff Ye Emotions exclusively waiting to be at the doorsteps of our expected readers. The one whom we'll find most creative will be sent an Author-signed copy of "Uff Ye Emotions" with a Music Album CD consisting of Love and romantic songs by Roouh Band every day . And once you win, you can't participate further. Subko chance milna chahiye. :-)

                 As the contest is beginning right now, we are going to ask you a question related to the solo book- "Thank God, I'm Single Again" of one of the writers of Uff Ye Emotions, Panjak Mittal. And with a copy of "Uff Ye Emotions" and a Music Album by Roouh Band, you will also win a copy of "Thank God, I'm Single Again". 

  The Part of Synopsis of Pankaj Mittal's book says:

      " Avigya, is a passionate and understanding lover and an avid day-dreamer. Despite being warned by his orthodox parents from falling in love; he gets possessed by Kashika's love. Avigya undergoes various situations which sometimes makes him appear like a fool, sometimes an understanding lover and sometimes a caring yet revolutionary son. 

        As the mind of a dreamer weaves its own world around; the fun, the beauty and the concept of eternal love finds itself cornered within the boundaries of a conservative society. "

        Now the Question is: If you would have been at the place of Avigya and your parents and society would have been orthodox and conservative, what steps would you take to make them understand about your Love Relationship with Kashika? 

 There's no Word Limit. Answer with your best creative skill in the comment section by selecting (Name/URL profile In URL, give URL of your Facebook profile and also notify in the comments below that you participated).. No answer would be entertained after 4th February 9 PM. 



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Asit said...

I would show them the movie Ishaqzaade and after that will convince them..will try to tell them how much i love her ? will let them know what she means to me and all of you ? will tell them some news and incidence ? will ask their terms and conditions that what are their views..?? situation should be handle in such a way that in should be balance from both the sides becuase balancing is most difficult task in the world...:)

Indranil Bhawal said...

I'd tell them that without KAshika I cannot live as she's my love and life.Love's like air-air is needed to breath and love is needed to live.Without both we cannot live.So both r needed to live a life...

Heena said...

If I would have been in his place .. I would have made my parents understand what she means to me and that I can't even think my life without her no matter my family is also very much important to me but I can't live without Kashika and that if they would still not agree I would have made them realize that how my life would have been if she wouldn't be with me .. May be then they would have understand that the best thing for a person is to live happily in his/her life with their partners not mere getting a partner of parents choice or of same caste .. Inner peace and happiness is more important in life than caste or any such issue .. Most important society rules are made by us according to our whims and fancies and these rules didn't made us humans ..

Unknown said...

Name : Ajit Nair
URl :https://www.facebook.com/CuteAji
I Think i am one of the luckiest guy who got the chance to give my opinion
Since this story seems much like my own personal one.
If I was in place of Avigya I would have first consulted it with my love Kashika. As she is my better half she would definitely suggest me with her support.I will firstly tell my parents about my love,how i fell in love with Kashika and my feelings for her.They are orthodox i know they will not permit me still i would not be dying with this guilt in my mind that i never tried.
Me and Kashika knows very well that our love story is bit traditional and I do not want to make either mine or her parents cry just because of our love because we never want our love to be the reason behind the tears of our parents.Our parents are matured and they no better about our future.
I will simply try to convince my parents by showing how passionate we are for each other,I know it takes time but atleast in the end i must feel assured that i am the luckiest guy who got his soul mate who can look after my parents as her own .I will try to show my parents that Kashika will be coming to our home as their daughter rather than as my wife.We will sit together and i will tell them about our future plans and if they think that their son has grown matured they will definitely support me if not would say no relationship can be blessed without our parents blessings because they are the only god whom I had seen.
But Before accepting the final decision from my parents I would ask them one thing.
"Are rules and Societies made for humans or Humans are made for rules and societies".
If they want me to sacrifice my love for the sake of some crazy society and rules I will not,but if they want me to do so for their sake I will.

Vidya.... said...

I would make them understand that its my happiness that matter for them and if they will force me to marry someone else then I will never be happy in my life and in this way they will make society happy but the happiness of their child will be lost forever............what society htink it should not matter only thing which matter is our happiness.....if I'll be unhappy for my whole life then its obvious my parents will never be happy..

Kiran said...

I will tell them that "I want to live the rest of my life with her. Without her my life will be very difficult and woeful. Together we saw a lot of dreams about our future - our marriage, in which both of our parents have smile in their face and satisfaction in heart, then a honeymoon to Darjeeling, after two years a baby girl, etc. etc.
She is very caring and lovely. She will take care both of you like her own parents. She will be the best daughter-in-law in the world..!! :-)
I think now you may got that how much she is important to me and my future. I can't think about a life without her and same for her. I love both of you a lot and like that, I love her.
If you want me to live a happy life then please agree with me. You don't have to think about what others think. Society will always disagrees to a change at first, but after sometimes they will shut up and cope with it. As you know 'Time heals all wounds'."

neoni dsouza said...

i would made them to meet her n make then understand that i love her and he didn't break any rule by falling in love . . I don't want to live my life without my parents and her too . . I don't want you mom dad by going against you . . If you would have search for me girl she would be the one you would choose for me . . She is exactly how you want your daughter in law to be . . Falling in love with her doesn't mean that i had gone against you . It is just that you ppl fell in love after marriage and i did it before marriage . . I want my two special part of life with me . . I want you my parents have always been with me in all aspect of life and i have always respected you but this time i want you to see from my point of view and accept her both . . I want to live lovely happy life with you my parents and her. The most wonderful part of my life .

ashish pandey said...

i'll hire some1 ( like Mallika shehrawat) who can create the simillar conditions for them and can flirt with them like hell. Now that is the time when a hero(me) should think like a villan.. How.? I'll blackmail them..(emotional atyachar) Hahaa

Unknown said...

I would first talk to my parents about how the opinions formed and retained by our society are so temporary and maybe give them examples too. Then I would mention what Kashika really means to me, the way I see her i.e. the qualities that I adore in her. I would then go on to tell them how I love her just like I love them and choosing between the two would be impossible for me. I would continue to be persistent and make them really understand this. And then when they are finally ready to meet her, I would make them realize how she can be exactly the ideal daughter-in-law for them.

Pranav Purohit said...

i ll tell them that an astrologer said me that if i wont marry that girl i ll die :-) n tht girl is lucky charm for me n our family she will bring wealth n prosperity in family. a perfect ans for orthodox parents:-P

Vijay Rajput said...

Good response here.......

Unknown said...


If i were Avigya, & If i know my parents & society are conservative, then i wouldn't have told them anything about Kashika, because telling them would make them pro-active & suspicious.
This conservationist attitude is for the middle class people.. & unfortunately, this is the truth of life.. If you're not something.. you'll not get something (against the society)easily. For eg- An IAS officer or any other class 1 govt officer,politician, big businessman or his son/daughter can marry anyone they like... the issues like inter-caste marriages, khap panchayats, etc are with the lower or middle class people. Nobody dares to touch the big fish..!! So, I would have told Kashika to be financially independent first & I would have also tried to do the same..We both would appear for some competitive exam like civil services or ssc,, So that, in future, if she tells her parents or I tell mine, then we wouldn't be ashamed of the choices we make .. because parents also afterall are humans.. Why would they object If I am an IAS officer & my better half an IAS or IRS?.. or any other service..things would become more easy then... society object when they see they can suppress us.. no one can dare to suppress us if I & kashika have good reputation & bring fame to the family... So, I & Kashika would secretly prepare for the exam ( & I am sure we will crack it, because this is the only peaceful way we will be going to get each other).. and when the time come, we will let each other's parents know about our love...!!

nikhimenon said...

well,the boy avigya is in a pretty tricky situation.The sensible thing for him to do is to try to convince his father and mother separately in two possible ways.

He should first tell his father that he loves the lady kaashika so much and he badly needs to marry her.He should should also convince him by saying that he doesnt want to end up as a loser like him - a man who couldnt marry his lady love as he didnt have enough courage to pacify his parents!Avigya can also spice up the proceedings a bit by throwing in a surprise!- he can tell his father that his(avigya's) 'physical relationship' with kaashika has infact reached a point of no return!Though cheap it may be avigya's father will surely agree to the marriage if he is a self respecting guy!

As far as his mother is concerned, avigya can tell her that the reason for his love for kaashika is that she is so loving and affectionate just like his mother and when he is with her he feels as if he is with his mother!This should please her.

Anonymous said...

If i would hv been in Avigya's place i would 1st fulfill my parents dream regarding my career and then i will tell my parents about Kashika.They will be against my decision but i will try to emotionally blackmail them by saying that i want to spend my rest of my life with a girl who is understanding and caring.As a wife i would like to have a girl who will understand me.I will tell them you are my parents and you will know the best for me but it is not neccesary that the girl you will choose for me will understand me completely and what if the marriage leads to only full of compromises and not love will you be happy to see me compromising for making you happy because i will never blame them neither will i be able to share with them and slowly slowly this thing will make me sad from inside.Lastly i will also tell my parents that i have always fulfilled their dreams because i want to see them happy and the grl i have loved will also do the same.I will tell them that being their son i will never love a girl who will hurt their feelings and for this they should have faith in me and meet the girl once.till the end i will convince them but never argue.They are my parents and if i will continously argue they will never agree but if i will try to convince them daily by not hurting them they will surely understand

Unknown said...

Well ! I would hv been in his place then i will wait for the correct time because i think as god is the conspirator and god plot every incident for our good so, firstly i will make kashika feel that i will never leave her and my love is true so have faith on me and be with me at this moment.
Parents are our god and as i said whatever god plots is for our good because parents happiness exists in our happiness so when i will stand on my own feet then its so obvious that they wil accept my love and happiness and where it is about being conservative, its fine, every family have some protocols regarding the society but parents will easily understand every emotion and will not bother for the sake of society.
Where there is a will there is a way.

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