8 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

"Uff Ye Contest" Day 6!!! Win Free Copies!!!

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NOTE: We are not searching for a Morally-correct answer but a Creative and Funny one!!!

            The winner of Day 5 for "Uff Ye Contest" is SIDDHARTH MAHESHWARI . He wins an Author-signed copy of "Uff Ye Emotions", Author signed copy of "Woh Chali Gayi, Hindi translation of- I am Heartless" by Vinit K Bansal and a Music Album CD by Roouh Band. Congrats. (Please send your full address on Abhilash.Ruhela@gmail.com so that we can send you the prizes)

The Question For "Uff Ye Contest" Day 6 is:

If a boy and a girl meets on Social Networking site and decide to dress up fashionably on their first date. On Date, boy comes in torn vest and funny yellow underwear. Girl is too shocked to say anything. With what funny sentence should boy open the conversation and give a reason for this surprise? :-) 

Try to be as much creative as you can be...No words limit. Today's Goodies are: Author-signed copy of "Uff Ye Emotions", Author signed copy of "Spicy Bites of Biryani" by Ashwina Garg and a Music Album CD by Roouh Band.



6 CoMMenTs !!! - U CaN aLSo CoMMenT !!!:

dharanee said...

i struggled a lot with my heart and with my emotions since i met u.. so this is how i ended up with a torn vest and just with my underwears.. and you stole my heart away.. i hope u wont mind me being lyk dis.. actually i dont mind it at any cost.. You know why? Coz i have some thing more valueble.. dts ur sweet love :P

SHRI K R (Aninthitha) said...

i just cant think of any other dress which would increase my hotness, so that you will look shockingly at least for few seconds without blinking your eyes.As this is going to be our first meet i want to impress you in a different way which would make you never to forget our meet. So i thought this is the way i could make it and whenever you think of me, this costume will come to you first and bring up a smile which means a lot to me :)

Vinay Leo R. said...

Wow. I knew you'd wear yellow too. Bola tha na ki hum dono perfect match hai! :D

nikhimenon said...

since this is our first date,i wanted to show what is there in store for you,sweet heart!

ps-corny,i know!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your posts.
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neoni dsouza said...

u said u like super man ad yellow is your fav color , u like joker too , so i dress like this and became a joker so that u ll remmember me n laugh everyday , ;)

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