27 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Losing a Race sometimes makes us the WINNER!!!

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            Competition! End up going in any corner of this world, in any field to work, in any society to live, this word will keep haunting you until and unless you don't claim to quit. And then who quits? Losers. Hence quitting should never be an option. Now, when you have already registered yourself in the race by default, you think that you need to win all the races to prove yourself. Prove yourself- Right!!! But to whom? If you are trying to win all the races or any race just to show some sect of people that you can do what they feel that you are incapable of, I am telling you that you have lost the race already. Because they'll never say that you have done something which they never could or that they are proud of you. They'll always find some or the another reason to let you know that you didn't do your best. Or there were many who were better than you.
              If you will get a placement of 3.2 lakhs and you would think that you have almost cleared 905 of the laps of the race, you will still get to hear," Arey Shukla ji k ladki ko toh 6.5 lakh ka package mila hai". And all that you dreamed of will get shattered with this. Rather than getting accolades for achieving what according to you is what you want, you get another target to achieve without any mention of what you have already achieved. But sometimes, I feel that losing is the best part out of all the expectations that people have and target that they give to us. Losing is always not categorized as something that is shameful and obscene act. It is but when you quit. Until and unless you don't give up your attitude to win the competition even when you know that someone has already crossed the finishing line, you are the winner. No, not for anyone else but for your own self.

                When you will cross the Finishing Line even if all the other 9 participants would have crossed it, you will not feel bad but you will feel happy about yourself that it was the first time that you participated in a competition at this level and completed what was been assigned to you as a task. Let it be that others did before you. Or those whom you thought could never stand against you in life stood of Victory Stand while you stood in audience to clap for them just like other audiences. What you concentrate is on the amount of potential that you store in you. What you preserve is your balance in the end. No one can take away from you. And if you keep your spirits high, you may end up in being the best in the part of life that termed you as a Loser. All that I am talking is because I got an experience which taught me all these aspects. 

               I participated in an Inter-collegiate fest that was held in my previous college of Graduation. The group of 5 had to search for a treasure that was present anywhere in the whole huge campus. Out of 5 Finalists, my team reached the final spot where the treasure was hidden at Number 4. For me its Number 4, for you and others it might be second-last. But I didn't join the competition for winning or a cash prize. I joined it to see whether I would be able to cover the whole premises which was judging both the aspects of my personality- Physical and Mental. Mental because brain was also used to think the next destination through the clue that used to be given after hitting a spot. I got it tested. My friends who were in the team also got it tested for themselves. Even at No. 4, we were as content as the winners. Actually more. Because we got to know what potentials we had in ourselves. And that also made us know our weaknesses. After that, I and my friend have started exercising at home. No, not for preparing for the next year's tournament but to bring our real potentials out in daily life. 

              Hence, not every race is to be won nor every life is meant to be perfect. Whatever you do make it sure that you get to know a new side of your personality. You get to know the probability at which you would be getting yourself do that you never did before. And this gives you a chance to increase the probability of letting the same event occur as number of times as possible. Don't wait for an opportunity. Give yourself an opportune. These races are just meant to make people feel inferior or hurt their ego after their loss. Hence, never compete with anyone else otherwise you will keep on losing yourself again and again. And don't even compete with yourself each time. Sometimes do think just to do it when you see that its not that easy and get-able considering your potential, focus and determination. Get these things sharpen up. This time the tally didn't see any medal for yourself in the shelf. But you saw a new happenings in your life. Within you, actually. So, next time be ready to lose as every time losing does not guarantee happiness and contentment. The rare condition occurs sometimes and do avail most of it. That's all!!!



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