26 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Beginning of a New Series- 801st......

801st BLOG POST -->>

            Now it's time to move ahead. A lot has been wasted in waiting for making all of you to read my 800th Blog Post. I think whoever had passion to read is done with it. My fingers die to update this site. When they don't get the chance, it starts irritating me. It starts scratching all my body parts. Yes. Right from arm pits to joints of my legs. :-) Fingers are the main corrupt body organs which end up doing everything that is termed "bad" according to this society. But then the same fingers has made me update more than 10,00,000 words on this space. Possibly, 15 novels or something could have been published if I would not have given all to this space and would have engaged myself in writing a book. But I have whole life to write books. Currently, I am enjoying meeting everyone daily over here. The day I'll feel that it's time to get a step ahead and deliver the best that I have in me, I will start scripting. Currently, I feel my best can only give what I give here- the BLOGS. 

           The love that all of you have bestowed on me will always motivate me anytime when I'll feel that my blog is not doing as well as I am wanting it to. And every time I post a centurion post, I get the same amount of love. I sometimes think that I should come up only with century posts here while other 99 should be termed as free with the centurion. Haha! No one turns out in the same way as the turn-out on my 100s can be seen. I think I will get into this "promotion" thing to get the kind of deliverance I want but I won't. Because it's still my "want" and not my "need". The day promotion would be needed, I will do it shamelessly but for now what I am searching for is the "Ideal Writer" within me. I know I can do much better than what I do. The day exploration would end, I will think about marketing and promotion. For now, writing is the concern and will remain to be so.

         Many of you would still be worried as to when the novel written by me shall hit the market. Let's wait a little more longer for it. Will it not be better to get a novel by a Blogger with "1000 BLOG POSTS" than by just-another-blogger writing it? :-) I am just trying to make this part of my career something that would be remembered for a long long time. I want to make my living successful. The day it will be, neither death nor any accident will be able to scare me. For now, I fear death. Because I don't want to die like everyone. With hundred of dreams still left to be achieved, I want to live a lot. Sometimes I think of asking a pharmacist if there is a syrup by drinking which I can attain a life of "immortality" but then, a realistic Abhilash within asks me to behave. :-) 

             Let's stop the talking now. I am here to start yet new blog series of new 99s. I hope they get the same attention as 800th. As I shared an offer with all of you that the best two comments which I would love will be gifted a copy of my first published work "Uff Ye Emotions", I am here with the results. My personal favorites are- "Vidit and Abhishek Akrant"'s comments. I would like both of you to contact me. Others those who commented by giving so much time of their life to my post, I am just in love with all of you. I want to do something for all but then you know, number is large. It's not only on the Blog Page where I have got the comments, I am available on so many mediums, I have to keep everyone in mind. So for now, let's treat these two winners. Some day, all of you would be treated with something. And I am happy that the Blog's Logo has been liked by all of you. A very big thanks to Sunill Kaushik sir for creating it. And also a very big thanks to Gyandeep Kaushal who helped by correcting some of the errors that 800th Blog Post had. 



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vidit said...

Din aate gaye raat beet-ti gayeen or hum 19 saal k ho gaye.....har saal beet-ta gaya par mujhe kabhi na mila koi prize.
EEEEEEEEEEEE :-) mazaa aa gaya maza aa gaya, life me pehli baar kuch mila h :-"(haye main badda senti hun).
Thanks Abhilash. Kudos to your blog.
Long live ARB

Writing Buddha said...

Congratulations, Vidit :-)

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