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The Secret Wish List by Preeti Shenoy!!!

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             Some times, time does not favour and you get stuck in reading a book that could have got completed in just 3-4 hours. This book was bought for my friend to gift it to her on Birth day but later I decided to keep it for myself. "The Secret Wish List"- A Book of 260 pages published by "Westland Publishers". The authoress Preeti Shenoy who has written yet another amazing story needs no introduction. But there's something very funny and amusing about her journey as a writer is the shuffling of Publishers every time she comes up with a new book. Her first book was with Srishti Publications, then with Random House India and finally, this one with Westland Publication. Haha! 

              Coming to the story of "The Secret Wish List"- At sixteen, Diksha like any girl her age, finds her life revolving around school, boys and endless hours of fun with her best friend. But one day, all that changes. What starts as an innocent crush explodes into something far beyond her control. Eighteen years later, she finds herself at the crossroads of life. Urged by a twist of events, a wish list is born. But can a wish list help her piece back her life together? Will she succumb to the tangled mess of an extramarital relationship? The Secret Wish List is a captivating, engrossing, racy tale about following your heart, chasing your dreams and the meaning of friendship. To know more, read the book. 

             Coming to the author, there's no doubt that Preeti Shenoy is the best female author in the genre in which she writes. Every time she drafts a story, it comes up with a message and lots of learning. A girl/married woman reading it will always find a way out of her problems and a boy/husband reading it will always learn to respect women. And she does it with an entertaining manner rather than keeping the story too intense or up-to-the-point. She knows what to put where in the book which directly touches the heart of the readers. As the authoress herself is a married woman, she understands the plight of married women and hence, they would love reading her books more than anyone else. But what's interesting is that even youths like me loves reading her book. It does not have any age barrier. But I would like to demand Preeti Shenoy to write a happy married life of a woman in her next book as she is getting stereotyped as "one who writes only depressing tales of married women".

             Coming to the good parts of book according to me- Initially, when the book begins, the way she keeps on shuffling between both the periods of story is too interesting. The school life of Diksha isn't kept too cheesy like other authors. Even that's interesting to read. Then her equation with Sandeep, her husband is described perfectly. I was able to imagine each and every sequence as it seems to be real and not a single part seems to be filmy and exaggerated. Her son, Abhay is my favorite character in the book. I just loved reading his conversations with his parents. I want my kid to be like him. :-) The scene when she meets Vibha and the concept of Wish List is revealed in the book is a perfect part. Even I felt that there should be something that every married person should make to keep himself/herself aspiring and motivated. And once her childhood friends come back in her life, the real fun in the story starts. As we sympathize with the protagonist, we start loving the way she breaks all the confinements and does what she always wants to. 

             All the moments in the book is worth appraising. But I won't talk about them as many Spoilers might come out and a Review looks nice when its short. The only problem that I find is the one I mentioned above- Too depressing story. Hence, I would ask authoress to please write something cheery next time. I would love to read an opposite version from you. :-) I would rate- 4/5. Yes, get the book. And in the end, Cover Designer of this book should be felicitated with something special. What an incredible work by him/her. 



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